This blog is pretty simple.  It’s about what I, Bess, likes.  The title pretty much gives it all away.  I figure my life isn’t really interesting enough to blog about.  It would consist of me talking about what happened on X tv show that night (oh wait, I’m pretty sure I do that already).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bess, just as your Aunt B says, you are such a hoot! And write so well. I love the photos of your house. and am so happy that you bought it. I am so impressed and amazed that a single woman (YOU) can be so independent and do WHAT YOU WANT!!! If only I could live MY life over. If only. I probably still wouldn’t have the guts to go it alone. You and B are alike; she is so content with her pets and flowers and cooking. She is always happy and contented with what she is doing in her nest. I hope you, too, will have much happiness in your home!

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