Being Humiliated

To get your morning started I thought I would recount the excitement of yesterday

So…I thought today is a beautiful day. I know! I’ll take a bike ride. They just added all those bike trails, this’ll be great.

I go to my garage and pull my bike down from the rack (Note: My bike is a purple mountain bike named “Giant Attraction”). I notice the tires are flat… blurgh.

“Adam do we have an air pump?”


“Damn, I know, I’ll walk my bike to the gas station a few blocks away”

I look a little like a cooze walking a bike down East street, but I try to pretend it doesn’t bother me. I pass neighbors, cute businessmen on their way home. No matter.

I get to the gas station and realize that I’m an idiot. The air cost $.50. I don’t have $.50. I debate asking people for change, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I slowly start walking my bike back home. I feel like more than an idiot. When I’m only a block or 2 away I decided to ride it anyway. The tires are flat, but it’s slightly less humiliating (or so I thought at the time).

I walk inside grab some money and start the walk/ride back to the gas station). When I finally get there, I have to go inside and ask for change. I start filling up tire 1. it’s working quite nicely. I get to tire 2… and it’s not filling up. WTF! Then I notice that there is a black tube that seems to be stuck with air. I assume it’s the air pump and it just got stuck in the frame of my bike. I go to loosen it and realize, it’s not the air pump, it’s a part of my tire. The tread of my tire had somehow dislodged itself from the part that holds all the air and it won’t fill up. I try to stuff it back to no avail.

Once again I have to walk my bike back to my house. By this time I’ve based the same people 4 times (no joke, I’ve passed the same people each time). Now, I have a deformed tire that makes walking it very difficult.

So much for Bess’s work out plan!

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