Celebrity Fantasy League

Some people play baseball fantasy leagues to occupy their summers. Fall is full of office football fantasy leagues. But what about us girls? What do we have to occupy our downtime and satiate our competitive edge?

Introducing Fafarazzi.com

Fafa (as we like to call it) is for Celebrity Fantasy Leagues. Instead of drafting the best running back, you draft the biggest celebrity trainwreck (often B. Spears).

The work ladies and I have completed 3 highly competitive leagues. Miss Jenn one the first two

and I WON THE THIRD LEAGUE. I came away with the win only because I had Heath Ledger and Paris Hilton. They are two big time scorers.

There’s a lot of strategy that goes into the league. You don’t just draft the major headlining celebs like Jamie Lynne Spears, you also draft her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge.

That’s how Jenn got away with winning twice. She’s a sly sly woman.

We are starting our fourth league next week. I’m hoping to take away win number two. It’s a big commitment but I think I’m up for it.

Make sure you let me know about late breaking celebrity news!

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