Havin’ A Gay Ole’ Time

On Sat I was pretty bored.  I had to wake up EARLY (8:30!!!!!!!!!!) to let in the bug removers and I had to stay out of the house for 4 hours.  In that time I got just about everything accomplished that I had planned to do during the entire week.  I went and read my book (Unaccustomed Earth) and had breakfast at Starbucks – which was lovely.  I then went to my fav gift shop, Silver in the City, in hopes of finding a birthday gift for my sis.  Instead I found a few gifts for myself including a new clutch, a key chain, and a make-it-yourself card kit.

The purchases were necessities I promise you this.  Since I didn’t find anything there for Carrie’s birthday I decided to head to Mass Ave Toy Store.  Maybe I could find something there for baby.  Well, of course I didn’t find anything I was happy with for Carrie’s birthday, but I did find myself a sweet necklace (for only $16!!) and a present for my mom’s birthday


I found this lovely 2009 date book.  It’s illustrated and has birds on it.  Mom loves birds.

I then sat on a bench for bout an hour and talked to Kate on the phone.  I finally just drove to Target where I got Carrie and Adam their birthday gifts – Catch Phrase for Carrie and 30 Rock Season 1 for Adam.  I may have also bought It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3 for me (Don’t judge – I had bugs in my house.  It was a very traumatizing experience. )

Anyway… the moral of this story is to say that when I got home I was bored.  I had a lot accomplished and my roommate was gone.  I texted Jenn, “What are you doing tonight.”  Luckily, nothing.  She and I decided to go to Tallbot’s Street  – a FABULOUS gay bar where we could dance our hearts out.

I put on my day-glo tank top that I’ve only worn once and gave myself some big ole hair.  Jenn and I get there, have some libations (red headed slut and vodka water splash of lime), watch a drag show featuring COLD HEARTED SNAKE.  ONLY MY FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO EVER!

For a more detailed and entertaining account of the evening, please check out Jenn’s blog on it.  And if you haven’t – bookmark her blog bc it’s FANTASTIC!

My favorite moment of the evening:

Jenn and Bess breaking it down on the dance floor – Glitter falls from the sky.

Jenn:  This must be what heaven is like

I also want to paint you a picture of our dancing style.  I think it most emulates this girl

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