Fall is a Lovely Season

It feels like Fall!

I really like Fall.  It makes me want to buy plaid, pleated skirts and cardigans.  Summer might be my favorite season, but Fall is very very close second.  I like the way it smells.  You know how it smells a little bit like smores and leaves.  Good smell.

I think my love for Fall also comes from my infatuation with apples and apple cider.  I got my first REAL jug of cider this week.  It is pure delight.  I love apple cider.  Last year, I got some from the grocery and I started chugging it from the jug as soon as I got in the car.  Not one of my proudest moments, but I don’t care.  Feel free to judge.

There is an apple orchard about 10 from home (childhood home).  A trip to the orchard has always been the official Fall signal for me.  Every year Mom and I go.  Sometimes, we would make a big outing out of it.  Anne and Aunt Kim would come.  We would get those crazy apple picker tools and our bag and run through the line of trees picking apples

Ok, how cute are Anne [cousin] and I?

And, way to go Connie!  Look at my great outfit!  I was a styln’ kid.  It’s very season appropriate.  I’m jealous I don’t own a cardigan just like that right now.  You can’t see it in this pic, but I’m also wearing some great knee socks.

I’m not sure if it’s a memory contrived out of pictures, but I remember this being a great day.  For as much as I tease Mom, I had a pretty fantastic childhood.  Mom worked hard at making sure I was learning and experiencing things.

Even last year, when I was feeling depressed about no longer being in college, Mom took me to the orchard, got a cider slushy, honey sticks, a bunch of apples, and a pumpkin.  I really did feel much better about life after that.

ANYWAY…..  I like fall and I love apples.  I’ve had one giant apple for breakfast all week and it has been very satisfying.

Go forth, pick some apple, coozy up with a blanket and apple cider and watch the leaves fall

6 thoughts on “Fall is a Lovely Season

  1. On my way home last week I stopped at the good old orchard and got some cider for my grandma, ok well and me too 🙂 Then I had to get a slushy and a bag of apples for myself…then I saw they had some amazing looking apple butter so I bought that too. Anderson Orchard better be thinking our Shelbyville parents for getting us addicted at an early age!

  2. I am so glad something we did is remembered as positive as I remember. It was a golden day in my memory scrapbook also, Aunt Kim’s as well. I might even pick you up a bit of honey, Sweetie!

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