November: The month of change

I apologize to Turner and Aunt B, my loyal readers.

Finally after exactly one month hiatus I have returned.

I thought I would fill you in on my month of November:

1) MY BIRTHDAY! On November 10thm, I turned 24, which is almost a quarter of a century.  I’m getting old.  To celebrate the lovely ladies and I went to Talbot’s Street for a fabulous night of dancing and celebrating.  Unfortunately, there was no glitter pouring from the ceiling this time, but what are you going to do.


This is during Free Your Mind.  We were THRILLED to sing along to the lovely En Vogue track.  However, it’s not quite the same thing for a bunch of white girls to scream, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.  Be colorblind, don’t be so shallow.”  But hey – we enjoyed ourselves.

EVENT 2) Work Layoffs

The Wed following my Monday birthday we found out that there would be massive lay offs at work.  This came in light of our company losing our major client who shall remain nameless (but i hope they burn… burn I TELL YOU).  That was sufficently one of the worst days of my life.  Have to watch person by person walk down the hall to have their meeting to see if you would be employeed anymore.

Thankfully, I still am employed.

To cure the hurt and pain from lay offs, most of the agency headed to the local bar where I spent an entire paycheck keeping us in Long Islands and Jukebox tunes.  As Katie said, “Lockerbie Pub has our money, tears, and dignity.”  It was a purely cinematic moment but a very cathartic experience.

Event 3)

On to something happier – ADAM AND MARIA’S WEDDING

My big brother got married to the amazing, Maria.  Their wedding was beautiful and tons of fun.  We laughed, danced, mom and dad cried.  All in all it was the PERFECT wedding.  Please enjoy the pics for your viewing pleasure.  Doesn’t Adam look hansom?  And Maria looks so beautiful.


CAPTIONS (top right to left): Maria and her sisters, Maria the beautiful bride,  Maria and her sisters on the bus on the way to the church,  Adam during the ceremony (you’re probably not supposed to take pictures during the ceremony, but I did anyway), Adam and Maria They Just Got Married!, Mike, my cousin/best man and I, Carrie and Jesse, First dance to I’ll Be Your Lover Too by Van Morrison,  My entire new family!

Aren’t the pics lovely.  Everyone looked so beautiful!

I have to give probs to Mike and the maid/matron of honor, Maria’s sisters.  All the toasts were just lovely.  They all had the tinge of humor but were still very sweet.  I’ve been to very few weddings were all the toasts were great and appropriate – so yeah for them.

Event 4) which techically happened on December 1st, BABY BRODY WAS BORN

I’m an auntie.  Not to toot my horn, but I think I’m going to be a pretty fansastic aunt.  I might not be able to buy his affection (see event #2), but I shower him with kisses, until he gets too old to think that’s cool.

Carrie had Brody at 11:57 on December 1st.  She and Jesse will be fantastic parents.  And look how cute he is!  All along, I kept warning Carrie and Jesse, that he might look wierd, but he doesn’t at all!


He is a very smart baby.  At just 1 hour old he already smiled and laughed at me.  Aunt B has told me how wonderful being an aunt is – so hopefully I can live up to her and Aunt Kim’s legacy.  I will take him putt-putting and out to eat for pizza.

I’m going to visit him tonight, so I’ll probably have more pictures for you all to coo at.

4 thoughts on “November: The month of change

  1. I think your nephew is beautiful!
    I think your brother and sister-in-law are beautiful, too!

    I also think you are pretty amazing-auntie and otherwise!

  2. Bessie-

    Finally an update! Pictures look great and it looks like you had a fun filled month. You will defnitly live up to Aunt B’s status, don’t worry.

  3. Bess,

    I can’t imagine anything better for a boy (or a girl) than to have you for his/her very own private aunt. I see many putt putts, pizzas and American Idol concerts in your and Brody’s future. Having your for my niece has just been the biggest blast – and it just gets bigger and blastier all the time!
    P.S. ( I like this Turner person!)

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