An Old 8 Year Old

I had 2 pen pals growing up:  Alexis who is family best friend who we would vacation together in Summer.  She lived in Portland and I lived all the way in Shelbyville, IN.  Alexis was a fun pen pal because she had the COOLEST  stationary.  It was Lisa Frank or Hello Kitty or something really fun.   Only on special occassions would I get Lisa Frank stationary.  I always had a complex about my stationary complex.

My other pen pal was Aunt B.  She lived a hour.5 away so clearly the best option for me was to write her letters.  Today she sent me an email.  Aunt B found the following piece of correspondence from an 8 year old me.


Here’s the translation for my beautiful handwriting:

Dear Aunt B,

Hi!  I’m cleaning everything and  looking at some old letters, they are funny!  Dad’s planning a new attack, so beware.  In one of the letters you like..????.  For Dad’s Day I made Dad a card at a card machine.  It says:  For all those times I got into trouble I have one thing to say for my self  Adam and Carrie Framed Me!  Love, Bess

I always assumed that I was a good writer as a young child.  Apparently not.  But I did have some pretty amazing Lisa Frank stationary.

4 thoughts on “An Old 8 Year Old

  1. Gee, I guess we’ll never know who or what I was supposed to like when you were 8 years old and I was,well, . . .older. I’ve got to say though, if that cheery little stationery didn’t put a person in a jolly good mood, I don’t know what would.

  2. oh and i love your relationship with your Aunt B, I hope I’m that way with my nieces and nephews some day! And since I’ll already be Aunt B (Brooke), I’m already one step in the right direction!

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