My teeth: A Tale of Conspiracy

My teeth are conspiring against me in only a way John Grisham could commit to paper.


Never mind. I was way off. Pelican Brief was written by Grisham. conspiracy Theory was just a movie…. ANYWAY.

I went to my new dentist today. I’ve been feeling my wisdom break through my gums and impose on my once perfectly aligned mouth. Since I kept canceling my apt in Shelbyville because I couldn’t make it down during work, I decided to take up Jenn and Brooke’s recommendation and see their wonderful dentist (Dr. Princell – and tell him I referred you – I’ll get a discount). Well they are all delightful at Dr. Princell’s office. Very friendly, thorough, and great at explaining what’s going on in there.

Here’s the crazy thing. They have a computer screen in front of your chair where they take all sorts of CRAZY pictures! I’ve never seen my teeth so close before. I also had some xrays done where I can now see the crazy angle my wisdom teeth are living in. No wonder I feel pressure. Seriously, though. You should have a dentist computer screen. I guarantee my dental hygiene will improve exponentially because I got to see all my teeth so close.

The bad news is that I am suffering from some sort of Paradontalrwioeruworwjsfnslfurowig. That means that my gums have deep pockets and they are pulling away from the teeth. If it escalates, I could have a heart attack, or so the literature told me.

I also need to get all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed surgically. YEAH!!! I can’t wait to only drink smoothies and look like a chipmunk. Here is a mock up of my wisdom teeth x ray I made.

wisdom-teeth2I’m getting so good at using Paint.  I’m really impressing myself here.

eeeekkk. I would like to get that all taken care of. Unfortunately, BESS IS PO!!! Like REALLY PO.

But I can at least feel good about helping boost this economy with the thousands of dollars I’ll be giving the dentist and oral surgeon for the mess of crap going on in my mouth.

So, when that trickle down effect finally gets back to you, rest assured it’s because I have bad gums and crazy wisdom teeth.

5 thoughts on “My teeth: A Tale of Conspiracy

  1. I knew once I saw your fb status that said the dentist is making you go broke, it had to be at the hands of Dr. Princell! Haha.

  2. I know you wouldn’t have had time to update. Given, the past 12 hours you would have either been with me OR sleeping. But I am a woman of my word. I will continue to come back here and pester you.

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