Hark! It tis a Rainbow

I recently recorded my adventures with my Kitchenaid mixer.  I detailed my trials and successes with cupcakes.  Well, now hear about my great trimuph over the rainbow cake.

I love reading good food blogs.  While, they make me quite hungry during the day, they introduce me to new ideas and concepts but are still relatable (most of the time).  While reading Apartment Therapy’s food blog, In the Kitchen, there was a link to another blog.  I know, it’s confusing but follow the logic just a bit longer.  I open the link and low and behold is the most beautiful picture of a cake I had ever seen.  I don’t want to show you the link yet, because I want you to be impressed with my cake instead of the professional blog cake.

The cake was mind blowing.  There are 6 layers with frosting in between each one.  The flavor of the cake was a simple white cake with lemon extract buttercream icing.  So Sunday when I got home for church I started my epic afternoon of baking.  I had a family (cousin, brother, sister, and sister-in-law’s) birthday later that day and I was in charge of cake.  I start baking at like 11.  I Redboxed 17 Again, featuring the ever delightful Zac Efron.  It is a perfect movie to bake to.  After that was done I watched Rushmore, my favorite Wes Anderson flick.  It is also the perfect baking movie.  Ps I love Jason Swartzman.  I mean there’s an entire entry I could dedicate just to him.

Anyway…. I start sifting, mixing, and spatuling.  The 6 layers had to be baked individually and I only have 2 baking dishes.  There were individual bowls of batter placed all around the kitchen.  It was quite the endeaver.

After 3 hours (no joke) my cake and icing were complete.



Each layer has been entrenched in food coloring to create a beautiful (if I do say so myself) rainbow of flavor.  I actually cut the icing in about half.  The blog had equal icing to cake ratio.  My family isn’t a big icing person so I halved it and think it totally worked.    The thing that drew me to the cake initially was how, before you cut the cake, you have no idea it’s special.  It appears to be a plain white cake.  Nothing fancy.  But then you cut into it and discover it’s bursting at the layers with personality.  In the original blog, the cake was made for a friend’s going away party.  She made the cake in honor of a friend because her friend might seem “normal” on the outside but inside is screaming with individuality.  If someone made this cake because it reminded them of me, I would feel truly honored.  It also made cutting the cake quite the experience.  There were drumrolls and excitement.


So here I am with my rainbow cake.  If this cake catches on, I’m going to buy up stock in some food coloring company.

Happy birthday to all out there who might be craving a cake.

oh yeah… here’s the link to the original and awe inspiring blog.

8 thoughts on “Hark! It tis a Rainbow

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    (that doesn’t really rhyme shoot. and i guess it doesn’t count when you use the same word twice. anyway, make me that for my bday. kthanks.)

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