Bess Likes the Colts

It’s the start of football season.  WOOOHOOO!!  While I enjoy football alright, as  a Hoosier it is my obligation to LOVE the Colts.  They are the only team I actually watch consistently.  Football season is the start of Fall and I love Fall.  Football requires beer, apple cider, a long sleeve t shirt under my jersey.  It just sets the right tone.  Roomie, Sarah, and neighbor Katie and I are true Colts fans.

bess and katie and colts

We will watch every game in a gear and cheer along and have victory dances.  Even on select occasions, tailgate when someone offers us free tickets (hint hint Dad).  Check out the great seats.

adam in the seats

COLTS roommies

So here’s to the Colts and here’s to their season.  VICTORY!!!

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