My new sweet baby – Bessio!

My sister is pregnant. YEAH! As exciting as that is, it turns all family things into babytalk. I mean EVERYTHING is baby centered. As a wild and crazy 23 year old, this isn’t exactly my focus right. Ok, I may not be wild or crazy, but I am 23 so I’m practically a baby myself.

Well, going with the baby theme, my aunt sent my sister and I a link to a website that creates an image of what your baby will look like. She was trying to see what my future neiphew would look like. Well, screw that, let’s see what my kids would look like. Of course they offer photos of celebrities so you can see what your and Bow Wow’s children would look like (for serious, that’s an option).

Here’s what mine and Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby would look like. It’s kinda cute right!

Make Babies with friends and celebs!