I love Lost. I love last night’s season finale of Lost. I love that Lost makes my mind do crazy things. During the writer’s strike I was jonesing for some new tv watch. I made the executive decision to start watching. I think I finished all three seasons in about two weeks. In the beginning I was so fixated on the polar bears. I kept asking everyone I knew, “So what’s the deal with these polar bears.” I had no idea what was ahead for me.

I may have even had a small Lost Premier party that included Lost Island Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (with a graham cracker crust that resembled sand and a toy plane stuck in it to look like a plane crash), Sayid’s hummus and pita, Hurley’s 7 layer dip, and Sun/Jin’s spring rolls. If you didn’t know I was a total tool before, you do now!

(Spoiler Alert) *Like how I did that like the real bloggers* I wish I was one of those people who could notice every detail and pick up on all the clues in the names, but I can’t. I depend heavily on darkufo.com and the Entertainment Weekly Doc Jensen blog to tell me things. They are so wise. Check out this theory from ew.com: ” As for Ben, we now know how he wound up in his Dharma parka in the Tunisian desert at the start of ”The Shape of Things to Come”: Apparently, that’s where he landed after he moved the Island. The date: October 24, 2005, or about 10 months from when Ben moved the Island. So…where did the Island go? Nowhere. My guess is that it’s in the same spot where it’s always been — it just rematerialized in reality 10 months in the future, just like Ben.” In the words of my favorite Lost co-conspirator Jenn,”Whoa. As always, my mind is BLOWN.” I couldn’t agree more Jenn.

Check out these alternate ending.

This would have really blown with my mind if that came to be. I can’t imagine Sawyer or Desmond causing harm. I love Desmond too much. He is easily my 3rd favorite character (after Sayid and Ben). Just watch the episode about him being lost in time and you’ll understand.

Do you know who I really love – Sayid. He is a bad ass mother f*$#%#%r. I don’t understand why he isn’t the official leader of Lost island. He is ALWAYS right, and he can kick anyone’s ass. I mean last night for example, he’s in a fist fight with scary-frieghter man and he is just taking names, and his silencer gun. HOT! I also greatly enjoy his post-island coif. Coif is the only for it.


check out this video and you will understand my obsession – I may have to make a separate post about the wonder that is Sayid.

I could go on and on about the finale and the show in general, frankly it’s not that interesting to anyone but myself. I realize that post 2 is getting pretty long. I’ll leave you with this. I LOVE LOST, SAYID, DEESMOND, AND MIND TRICKERY. I am going to be very lonely for the 8 months that the show is in hiatus.

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