High School Boy

No, it’s not that I like high school boys (well except for Zach Efron and Daniel Radcliff – but hey I am a woman aren’t I), but I like things that high school boys like. For example: If given the choice of any beverage in the world – the most expensive champaign, coffee, wine, an ice cold beer, anything, I would without a doubt choose Mountain Dew. I don’t know if its my rural Indiana upbring, but I think it is the greatest drink known to man kind. Yes, by drinking Mountain Dew I put myself on par with gamers who live in their mom’s basement and wanna be extreme athletes, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take for the refreshing beverage.

Unfortunately, my love for that beautiful yellow drink isn’t my only connection with high school males. I also really like video games. I should qualify that I don’t mean Halo or Grand Theft Auto. I could really do without either of those. I don’t understand the fascination with shotting prostitutes and I have yet to grasp the premise of Halo. I just LOVE Guitar Hero and Wii. After Guitar Hero 3 came out I completely embarrassed myself by beating most of my brother’s friends one weekend when we’re playing. This shows that I have way to much time on my hands. Instead of perfecting the perfect into to The Devil Went Down to Georgia I should be reading Kafka. But I don’t. Wii is pretty amazing. As I understand it, Wii has become a gaming system that women generally enjoy. I’m not very good at it though. I think the controllers give me too much control. But still, Wii is almost more entertaining to watch then to play. My love for the console started back in college with Moen’s Smooth Moves game. Who knew that raking leaves, shifting a car, and picking apples would be so much fun. Trust me – it is!

My third and final (for now) high school boy trait would be my love for Superbad. That moving is just fantastic. I find I could watch it every week and not get tired of it. I would love to be cool enough to hang out with Judd Apatow and co. I think this might become my new goal in life. The movie is an instant classic. Every character is gold – solid gold. I mean 2 of my top ten are the movie so how could it not be good? If this hasn’t made me cool enough, I recommend watching the dvd with commentary. They are hilarious and so entertaining. I could go on and on and on about my favorite parts of the movie, but nobody really cares so instead watch these videos, reflect and go watch the movie again. I guarentee that while watching you’ll say to yourself, “You know what self, Bess is right. This movie is amazing!” Maybe next post I’ll highlight how feminine I am, because this post actually just made me really depressed.

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