Things That Are No More

There are some things that I like that are no more. I have decided to dedicate this post to all things that are magical, but are from an era of the days of yore.

Please note: This is in no particular order

1) Blueprints Magazine: Oh Martha Stewart you touch my soul. Blueprints is a Martha Stewart Living publication geared toward the younger audience – Women in their 20’s. I would possibly vote it most popular reading choice of the living unit Senior year of college. I wanted to be the type of woman featured in Blueprints. She was so classy and fun. She throws amazing parties and wore fashionable threads. So cool. Working in media I read about the magazine folding early on. I was crushed. Absolutely crushed. It was a sad sad day.

See look how much I could learn from this issue – A Doable dinner party, fashion necessities. The possibilities are endless (well, I guess they are now considering the magazine has folded…)

2)Arrested Development: I know this is a very cliche show to love but I can’t help it. It’s just solid gold. The show was not on long enough. It’s hard to believe they could fill 3 short seasons with such goodness. They touched/joked on every topic and each character just has that something that makes me crack up with laughter. Please enjoy this clip.

ps – Huge crush on Jason Bateman. Total fox!

3)Gilmore Girls: I could go on for days and days about Gilmore Girls. I wish I was as witty as Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. At least it gives me something to strive for. Also, that hottie from Heroes (Hayden Panettiere’s bf) Milo was on the show. All around awesomeness. I even went as far as to write a research paper on Gilmore Girls. I was was analyzing depictions of class in the show. This is why Communications majors rock.

4)College aka my social life: This is a pretty obvious choice. I used to be in college. While there, I had a relatively active social life. Now I’m in the real world – this means I can no longer hide beer in with my groceries allowing Mom and Pop to secretly pay for it. There are no more penny pitchers at Rock House. There’s no more late night trips to Marvin’s and Wal-Mart. Oh well… I hear paying bills can be fun too ;(

To prove my love for college, I’m posting the most unflattering photo of me of all time. But this picture is an example of the social life I was referring to. Wear pjs to 210 to play beer pong on a snow day. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that. RIP social life RIP.

Ok… that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with more things I’ll miss later.


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