Things I dislike

Food poisoning or something similar to it.

I took Friday off of work just to relax and get stuff done. Well, as luck would have it. That same day I came down with a terrible stomach something or another. This resulted in me laying on the couch all day and rejecting the veggie sandwich from Hoaglin. I NEVER REJECT THE VEGGIE SANDWICH FROM HOAGLIN. That’s like saying, here’s pure awesomeness on a bagel now toss it away. That’s how good this sandwich is. You know I was sick if I turned my nose up at it.

So that pretty much killed my weekend. Before I became completely bedridden, I did sit on the pourch and help my mom plant flowers in the yard. She did a great job. Now the neighbors will hate us a little less! Yippee! When I get the energy to take a picture, I’ll post it. We even have a flag hanging on the pourch. Just call me Patriot Patty (well Patriot Bess, but that doesn’t sound as clever as Patriot Patty).

One thing I did discover in my weekend on the couch was the AWESOME tv show, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway on the Style network. What great television. There was a marathon on Saturday, and this show single handedly kept me from going stir crazy. I tried to get a clip from the show, but I could figure out how to imbed it (or whatever tech lingo word that would fit appropriately).

The show follows two weddings and two planners per episodes. The show has it’s main planners that it features. It shows the struggle between bride and planner. Sometimes the problem is with the crazy family, sometimes the bride is too indecisive. Sometimes the wedding gets canceled (that was a good episode).

Let me paint you a picture of one of my favorite episodes. The bride is crazy. She decides to have a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. Yes, a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. First off, who really wants to have a St. Patrick’s Day wedding? Everything is decked out in green. Not the most romantic of holidays, and frankly, if I was a guest, I’d probably be annoyed that I couldn’t be out at some pub drinking green beer. This is an EXPENSIVE wedding too. Granted it didn’t look as trashy as I pictured it to look. On the wedding day, the bride starts bitching out her planner.

Bride: “Your my wedding planner. You need to just be calm. You don’t need to answer me all snippity. Work it, that’s what I’m paying you to do.”

Ahhh shit.

One thought on “Things I dislike

  1. Bess rejecting a Hoaglin Veggie Sandwich is one SICK BESS.
    Also, love how you created a “veggie sandwich” tag. It’s very appropriate, because on a Top Ten list of Things Bess likes, Veggie Sandwich would most likely land in the top three.

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