What is No More Update

By the demand of Miss Tori I have to update this post:

5) The Yellow Victorian. This is the name we affectionately gave our home senior year because well… it was a yellow Victorian style house. Creative lot aren’t we.

Here are a few photos to show what the house once was in its Glory Years (If this was an audio presentation, I would put Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days on to a slide show presentation of the house)

This is the house with all the lovely ladies who lived there. Please notice Tori’s and my bedroom window in the background. Great house huh. Please notice how the paint is chipping and windows are falling out of it’s sockets (or whatever windows call it)

Poor Claus, I keep putting very flattery pics of us up. I think this is a good pic to illustrate the conditions we were living in. Pay particular attention to the area to the left of Claus’s hat.

Now prepare yourself…

You’re about to see a photo of what has become of our beloved YELLOW Vic.

Are you ready for it

Matt is demonstrating how we all feel on the inside about our beloved home.

Old Grey Vic ain’t what she used to be ain’t what she used to be.

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