Founder’s Day

Happy almost 4th of July. I put a lot of thought in how to best honor this holiday. The first idea – who’s the hottest President (FDR obviously). But that’s a boring topic. Then I thought, how about the best patriotic songs. Then I realized there are no good patriot songs.

So, instead, I’ll write about my trip to Boston to visit Tori in April. Boston is the land of our fore fathers – Home of the Revolution and all that jazz. I like Boston.

The best part of the trip (besides hanging out with T) would probably have to be the Freedom Trail. No one loves the Freedom Trail like we did. To do the Trail right, we decided it is a necessity to get the official Trail Manual.

This is the beginning of the trail. That red line was magical. You just follow that red line all around downtown Boston. it’s like a historical yellow brick road. I was pretty persistent that we always walk on the magical red line.

This photo is my favorite. Let me play it all out for you.

Tori: That’s the state building

Me: Oh that’s the one from The Departed right. You know where the rat crawls across the ceiling.

Tori: Yeah that’s it.

Me: We’ve gotta take a picture. Be a rat

Then Tori did that picture. AMAZING. Pure photo gold! I should warn you no photo will be better then this one so I understand if you don’t want to keep reading.

Ok, but these next ones are really interesting.

This church is the first public place where “My Country Tis of Thee.” Interesting huh.

Tori is a gifted singer. Here I make her sing “My Country Tis of Thee” to all around us. I’m a good friend.

That’s all you get for now. Stay tuned for more founding father/Boston/awkward photo ops!

2 thoughts on “Founder’s Day

  1. You might be onto something with FDR. I was watching a documentary on Winston Churchill (OH MY GOD, what am I, SIXTY?) yesterday, and they had a little news clip towards the end of the War with Churchill, FDR, and Stalin. Even though FDR was really ill, he was still very handsome, and dare I say sexy. Definitely my pick out of the three, because, let’s face it, Stalin isn’t going to cuddle afterwards.

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