Mixed Tape

I’m loving the website Cassette From My Ex.  Entertainment Weekly had a little blurb in last weeks issue.  I LOVE IT.  On the website people detail the stories of their exes and the mix tapes they created for them.  Some are romantic, most are common – beautifully common.  There is always a picture of the tape.  You can see the small details that made this tape their tape.  The best part, you can listen to the entire mix tape on the site.  Some of the tapes are FABULOUS!


In this vein, I decided to take a look at some of my old mix cds.  Yes, I did own cassette tapes, but I probably don’t have them any more.  Most of them probably had Raffi on them. 

Here are two mix cds I had in an old case that I would share with you.

These aren’t as romantic or as cool as the ones on the website, but they are a further insight into my eclectic taste.

CD #1 Titled “Stuff/Alexis is here Vol 3”  Yep, good title.  I’m guessing this title coincided with Alexis visiting us in Indiana before her move.  i think this would put it at Spring of 2002.  Hence the reason for all the Wyclef and J Lo.

1.  I’m Real Remix – JLO and Ja Rule

2.  Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

3.  What About Us – Brandy

4.  Ain’t That Funny – more from JLO and Ja Rule

5.  Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealers Wheel

6.  Staying Alive – Wyclef Jean

7. Milk and cereal – G. Love

8. Seeing Red – Unwritten Law

9.  Beer Run – Garth Brooks

10.  Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy

11.  Gone Till November – Wyclef Jean

12. Take a Message – Remy Shand

13.  Fire or Ice – Ben Harper

14.  Ain’t It Funny (the Non remix) – JLO

15. Down on my knees – Some unknown bluesy artists

16. Ezy Rider – Jimi Hendrix

17.  Scarlet Magnolias – Keller Williams

Mix #2 is entitled “The World’s Greatest CD by Bess Browning 9-24-04.”  Again pretty nondescript title

1.  I Want to be Ready – Ben Harper

2.  Cold Beverages – G. Love

3.  All the Right Reasons – The Jayhawks

4.  Follow Through – Gavin DeGraw

5.  Fake Plastic Tree – Jamie Cullum

6.  You’re the Only One – Maria Mena

7.  Dressed in Burgundy – Michael Kelsey

8.  Volcanoes – Damien Rice

9.  Mamma’s Trippin’ – Ben Harper

10.  I’m Walking Away  – Craig David

11.  When I Come Back Down – Nickel Creek

12.  Blackbird – Sarah McLaughlin

13.  Girl on LSD – Tom Petty

14.  Walk to Slide – G Love

15.  Delicate – Damien Rice

16.  Black Cadillacs – Modest Mouse

17.  Crush – Gavin DeGraw

18.  Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar

19. Ice Cream – Sarah McLaughlin

20.  Moondance – Van Morrison


This cd instantly takes me back to the basement of the CCM writing papers for my Civil Rights and Civil Liberties class.  However, it’s good to see my taste has improved over the years.   I hope that I continue to evolve.  Although J Lo to Craig David is a somewhat lateral move. But, some things never change.  Apparently I will always love G. Love (Holla!)  I love finding these.  It reminds me how much I loved some of these songs.  Ohhh I loved “When I Come Back Down.”  I think I always will.  If you haven’t heard it, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!


Good times

2 thoughts on “Mixed Tape

  1. I Finallllly found you!

    your CD list kills my blog… I’m just a beginner! This is way too much for me; I’m a nerd.


    come visit soon!

    much love,

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