Favorite Music Videos

Let it be noted that I understand that these are not the world’s best music videos.  These are just my favorite.

D’Angelo song – Untitled (How Does It Feel) – This video makes me proud to be a woman, and as a woman I can truly appreciate the simplicity of this video.  And by simplicity, I mean how steamy and hot it is.  This entire album is really great.  I bought it from my Columbia House or BMG or one of those CD clubs.  Easily one of the best purchases.

I think I’ve talked about my obsession with this video before – PAULA ABDUL COLD HEARTED SNAKE.  I remember watching this video and thinking it was too racy for me to be watching.  Listening to make sure I couldn’t hear mom coming downstairs because I thought she would make me change it.  I watch now and it’s really not too terrible by today’s standards – just some Bob Fosse(esque) dancing.

I have to give props to B Spears.  While I wasn’t a huge fan, I have to recognize the fact that she made videos relevant again.  I think this is the height of Brit.

My next favorite I love because it’s the best song EVER and the video is directed by Ethan Hawke.  What more could a girl want.

California Love – Tupac.  This song was my JAM in 5th grade.  I remember watching the video trying to learn all the words.  Just another white girl thuggn’ to Tupac.

This is one of the most delightful videos ever.  Try not to smile – I DARE YOU!!!

Another fun video.  Janet makes world travel seem so easy.

Bess’s Life in Song

I may have mentioned before, but at work  some of us formed a Music Club.  Mainly it involves us sending out songs we like and every month or so, someone makes a mixed cd for the group.  I stepped up and just made my cd for the crew.

Theme:  Bess’s Life in Song

Bess’s Autobiographical Mix:

1)  I’ll Be Your Lover, Too- Van Morrison:

Van and I go way back.  It is the sounds that filled my house growing up.  I choose this song because it was my brother’s first dance song at his wedding.  For me it signifies both my childhood and the second phase of my family

2)  The Needle and the Damage Done – Neil Yong:

Like Van, Neil was a staple in the Browning house.  Needle is a personal favorite because my cousin, Mike, learned to play it on the guitar and we would sit around and sing it all the time.  It was the first non-Disney non-Rafi song I knew all the words too.

3) So Far Away – Carole King:

My dad had all the musical taste in the family, but my mom did love her Tapestry album.  This song makes me think of being snowed in and doing puzzles (we also listened to Bette Midler – but Jenn would be the only one to appreciate that song)

4) Love is Stranger – Mickey and Sylvia:

There’s a home video that we made for my dad for Father’s Day when I was 4 where I dance around and sing this song to him and end it saying, “Happy Father’s Day.”  Who thought that was a good idea?

5) Burn One Down – Ben Harper:

There are only a few songs where I can remember the first time I heard it.  I was 12ish the first time I heard it.  My sister was working at the YMCA camp and her camp bf and friends were driving me home f and they were playing this song and making headrest bongos.  I have never felt cooler in my entire life.  The next day I made mom take me to Karma so I could buy the song – I told her it was about cigarettes.

6) Lullaby – Billy Joel

I loved camp.  I went from age 6-20.  Summers don’t seem the same without tons of bug spray and friendship bracelets.  Lullaby was always sung at closing campfire.  It still always makes me cry to think about it. Camp is the tits.

7)  Everyday – 5ive

I didn’t get into the NSync/Backstreet Boy thing but I was all about the British Boy Band 5ive.  They were hot and British.  What more could a middle school girl want?

8) Heaven’s Right Here – Jeb Loy Nickles

This was my summer-driving-through-the-country-of-Shelbyville-song.  When life had no problems and lightning bugs and high school boys were all I could think about.

9) Scotty Doesn’t Know – Lustra

From EuroTrip (a guilty pleasure).  A friend of mine and I would dedicate this to our clueless professor (Professor Schloterbeck), and sing “Schlotty Doesn’t Know.”  It was also my semester abroad mantra.  Whatever – You can’t judge me!

10) You Had Time – Ani Difranco

Nick Hornby wrote about it in 31 Songs.  It’s haunting and beautiful – exactly what a college girl looks for in her music.  If you haven’t read the book, DO IT.

11) What’s Going On – 4 Non Blondes

Prague is my favorite place in the entire world – HANDS DOWN.  One night there, my friends and I were getting on the tram to head to our favorite bar and there were 3 Czech hippies sitting in the back of the tram with their guitars playing/singing this song.  Cue sing-along.  It was a quintessential moment that fit that “we are all one in this big world” phase I was in.

12) I will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

I was OBSESSED in college. They made me feel mature and deep.

13) Shoop – Salt-N-Peppa

I’m sure you all know that Matt, my bff, and I met by singing this song.  Forever in my heart.

14) London Bridget – Fergie

Don’t Judge.  It was a great party song Senior year of college.

15) The Four Corners – Halloween, Alaska

I spent 2 years trying to figure out who sang this song.  It was on a random mix I burnt from my brother.  I fell in love with it, but I couldn’t figure out who sang it.  But now I know and I still love love this song.

16) World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

Soundtrack to my quarterlife crisis.

17) Twistin’ the Night Away – Sam Cooke

Lockerbie, Jukebox, twisting = Infinity

18) Hey Jude – The Beatles

I sing this to my nephew changing the words to “Hey Brode.”  He smiles and giggles every time.  Proof he loves me and will grow to have good taste in music despite my sister.

19) Stay – Lisa Lobe

This song is going to make me famous.  It’s my future.  I plan on singing this when I audition for American Idol.  I’ll try to remember the little people.

Fleet Foxes

I’m watching the Fleet Foxes on SNL right now.  They’re performing Blue Ridge Mountain and it sounds FANTASTIC!!!  I’m very proud of them.  I first heard them live so I knew they were good, but they sound tonight.


ps Blue Ridge Mountain made it to my top ten of 2008 list.  I think if I had to put my list in order that would be first.  I love when they get all riled up about half way through the song.


There is a new AMAZING show on VH1 called:  Confessions of a Teen Idol.

I accidental stumbled upon it the other and WOW.   VH1 has done it again.  I just love their ridiculous programming.  You really can’t get better than Brett Michaels in his bandannas deciding which stripper he’ll give his heart to.  But then he’s not sure if he can fall for a stripper again since “a dancer” as he calls it, broke his heart once and that’s what inspired Every Rose Has it’s Thorn. They just have this knack for finding people who are willing to take themselves way too seriously and exploit that on national tv.

But Confessions of a Teen Idol is hosted by Scott Baio.  At the beginning and end of each episode he does this Doogey Howser wrap up about the pit falls of fame and wanting that limelight again.  The show is just about former teen idols trying to get themselves back in show business.  Check out the cast list:

1)Guy from the Blue Lagoon

2) Guy from TJ Hooker

3) Guy from Fame

4) Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch

5) David Chokochy from Baywatch

6) Eric Neis from Real World New York and The Grind

7) Jamie Walters from Beverly Hill 90210


You might remember him from his hit single “How do you Talk To An Angel.”  He was also Donna’s bf, Ray on 90210.  Please see the below clip to job your memory

Isnt’ that a really beautiful song about Donna?  Ok, here’s what happened on 90210.  Ray comes into town with his guitar and flannel shirts and sweeps Donna off her feet.  Then he throws her down some stairs, he pushes her against the wall, and he sleeps with Valerie.  DRAMA.  but he from the wrong side of the tracks. He couldn’t deal with Donna being all spoiled and stuff.  It wasn’t his fault!

But now Jamie Walters is a dad and doesn’t necessarily even want  to be in the public eye.  He’s happy just being a dude and hanging with his kids.  However, during one of their group therapy sessions they helped him realize how happy he would be doing what he loved the most – music.

cue How do you talk to an angel

If you’re like me, you immediately went to your itunes and tried to find this song so you could listen to it while you did your billing or planning.  But OH NOOOOO IT’S NOT ON ITUNES AND IT’S NOT UNDER JAMIE WALTERS.  In order to find this song for download, you need to go to Amazon.com and look under the band The Heights.  The Heights was a 90210 spin off that lasted for 12 episodes according to IMDB.  I think I had that song on cassette as a little girl.  I dubbed it off the radio and would listen to it before bed.

Man, I love Jamie Walters.

more Jamie Eye Candy

Elvis and Me (Bess)

I told you 2009 would be the year I blogged more.

Yesterday was Elvis’s birthday. You may not know this about me but I actually really like Elvis. I even made Mom and Dad take me to Graceland 2 Januaries ago when we had a layover in Memphis. We were only in Memphis for maybe 4 hours but we had time for the ENTIRE Graceland tour and some bbq.

In honor of Elvis’s yesterday birthday, here is photo of me admiring him in Graceland.


He was at one point on my top 10 list (young Elvis about the time he was in war). My infatuation has to do with my love for the TV movie Elvis and Me. The movie is all about Priscilla’s relationship with Elvis. As a young girl it was very inspriational to see that as an adoring fan I too could get the most famous musician to fall in love with me. I used to watch the movie with Carrie. She loved it and I loved anything that she or Adam loved because I wanted to be cool so desperately.

Elvis and me is awesome. I tried to find a clip on youtube but I could only find some lame fan videos.



I have a special connection to my ipod.  This does not make me a unique person.  I don’t’ know anyone who has an ipod and doesn’t feel like they have this special bond.  But me and my pod we’re something great when we’re together (which is allll the time).  I’ve decorated ipod with a sticker that says “every day is an adventure” that I got from an outdoorsy store where I bought a water bottle.  (Like I would buy anything but a trendy water bottle at an outdoorsy store).

But ipod and me – it is a true and untainted love.  I mean it’s the keeper of many of my favorite things:  The new King’s of Leon song Sex on Fire, Outkast songs that instantly make me think of Frat parties freshman year at Sigma Chi, David Sedaris books to make me laugh, and Office and Greek tv episodes.  Really it’s like a time capsule of all things that make me happy.  If you can imagine, ipod’s and my love just grew deeper.

I got to work this morning and started with my morning rituals:  Got a Mountain Dew, opened my work email, open my personal email, and opened itunes.

When I opened my itunes it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to version 23098234.2


This download takes a while, and I try to wait patiently even though I just want to listen to Tyrone by My Morning Jackets.  Let me tell you, the wait was so worth it.  Itunes now has something called Genius.  And it lives up to it’s name.

Genius knows how to anticipate my unspoken desires.  If you click on a song on your itunes and then Genius button, it will create a playlist of songs it thinks you will enjoy based on that song.  I must admit, I was a little weary.  Could technology really anticipate that I like an eclectic mix of music.  I have playlists with Tom Waits and Miley Cyrus.  Would it know that?

Well check this out.  I’ve been really into Bon Iver Skinny Love the past few days.  Let’s see what it creates for me.

1.Skinny Love – Bon Iver

2. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

3.  The National – Fake Empire

4. Good to Sea – Pinback

5. L.E.S. Artistes – Santogold

6.  Electric Feel – MGMT

7.  Metal Heart – Cat Power

8.  Strange Times – The Black Keys

9.  Normandie – Shout Out Louds

10.  Anthems for a 17 year old – Broken Social Scene

11.  Track 11 (From the Crane Wife) – The Decemberists

12.  All of My Days – Alexi Murdoch

13.  How it Ends – Devotchka

14.  Off the Record – My Morning Jacket

15.  Track 7 – Matt’s Mix

16.  A & E – Goldfrapp

17.  Start a War – The National

18.  Hold on, Hold on – Neko Case

19.  M79 – Vampire Weekend

20.  I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien

21.  is there a ghost – Band of Horses

22.  Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes

23.  New York – Cat Power

24.  2080 – Yeasayers

25. The Dress Looks Nice On You – Sufjan Stevens

WHAT AN AMAZING PLAYLIST!!!!  The fact that it could pick up that Track 7 from Matt’s Mix fits with Sufjan Stevens blows my mind!

You’ve done it again Apple.  Well done.

I stand and applaud you.

Conspiracy Theory

I think I might be a conspiracy theorist.  Or at least a Rock n’ Roll conspiracy theorist.

There used to be this show on VH1 all about rock n’ roll conspiracies.  However, Google has finally failed me.  There is no information to be had about the show.  It makes me wonder if I maybe dreamed it.  I swear I used to watch it.  There were only like 2 episodes on the show but it was FASCINATING.

How did I recently rediscover my pension for rock conspiracies?  Let me explain:

Jenn and I have been marveling on the wonder that is Sam Cooke.  I’ve been obsessed lately.  He just have the best voice.   It just sends me to such a happy place.  There’s so much soul and life in it.   So, Jenn told me that she thought he was killed by a prostitute.  This led to a big search which revealed that “they” think his murder was actually done by the mafia and record execs.  It’s actually very interesting stuff.

I then remembered the VH1 show.

conspiracy #1

Kurt and Courtney-

She totally killed him.  It was no suicide


Check out this website.  There is some pretty damning evidence right there.

Conspiracy #2

Charles Manson vs the music

From his wikapedia page:

The events that would culminate in the murders were set in motion in late spring 1968, when, by some accounts, Dennis Wilson, of The Beach Boys, picked up two hitchhiking Manson girls and brought them to his Pacific Palisades house for a few hours. Returning home in the early hours of the following morning from a night recording session, Wilson was greeted in the driveway of his own residence by Manson, who emerged from the house. Uncomfortable, Wilson asked the stranger whether he intended to hurt him. Assuring him he had no such intent, Manson began kissing Wilson’s feet.[18][19]

Inside the house, Wilson discovered 12 strangers, mostly girls.[18][19] Over the next few months, as their number doubled, the Family members who had made themselves part of Wilson’s Sunset Boulevard household cost him approximately $100,000. This included a large medical bill for treatment of their gonorrhea and $21,000 for the accidental destruction of an uninsured car of his which they borrowed.[20] Wilson would sing and talk with Manson, whose girls were servants to them both.[18]

interesting huh… the wiki page is actually pretty terrifying.  I don’t recommend reading at night when you’re alone

today’s playlist

Playlist for a Friday:

Frankie’s Gun – The Felice Brothers

Jenny Don’t be Hasty – Paolo Nutini

Electric Feel – MGMT

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

The General Specific – Band of Horses

These Eyes- The Guess Who

I was rocking out to this playlist on my way to pick up some oregano at the grocery yesterday.  I couldn’t control the fact that I wanted to dance up and down the aisles.


Eye Contact

I remember when Fleetwood Mac came back for that reunion. It was a big ole deal. I think we even taped it at my house. At the time I don’t think I fully understood what it meant. I mean I had listened to the Rumors album. I used to rock out to Rumors Revisited, but I don’t think I got the entire depth of the Fleetwood Mac story. I probably hadn’t watched the Behind the Music [btw what happened to those… I was OBSESSED. I think the first one I watch was the Mammas and Pappas. I was hooked for life] yet to get how much intra-band affairs there were.

So, a few months ago Diablo Cody had written an article in Entertainment Weekly about her favorite Youtube videos. I love her so of course I looked all of the up and watched them all. One of her choices was a video of Silver Springs from the Fleetwood Mac reunion.


I first want you to watch the clip. Watch it in full. Then we’ll discuss.

Did you watch it?

Watch it first.

Ok, now we can discuss. First a brief history lesson for all the Fleetwood novices.

From Wikipedia

Fleetwood Mac‘s second album with their new lineup, Rumours, began recording in early 1976 and continued until late in the year. Sessions were dogged by faulty drum tracks, disintegrating tapes, and the tension between the band members, which influenced the songwriting. Nicks’ contributions were the jaunty, tight harmony “I Don’t Want to Know” (intended for a second Buckingham Nicks album in 1974); the dark, mystical “Gold Dust Woman,” a diatribe about the dangers of cocaine and the rock and roll lifestyle; the dramatic “Silver Springs,” a b-side about her relationship with Buckingham; and the atmospheric “Dreams,” which became the band’s only Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit single. Other songs written for the album, but released later, included “Think About It” (recorded for Bella Donna) and “Planets of the Universe” (recorded for Trouble in Shangri-La). Both these tracks were reissued on the expanded and remastered edition of Rumours in 2004.

I couldn’t find a good write up about their torrid love affair and love loss, but basically. Everybody was doing everybody.

So, if you notice on the video circ 4:20 tension starts to build. Stevie and Lindsey start making eye contact and don’t stop till the end of the song. It send shivers down my body. There’s so much anger and passion in that look. I challenge anyone to find a scene in a movie that has more heat to it than those 20 secs. Seriously, anyone got anything?

I didn’t think so. This is why I want to be a 1960’s rock star.

Mixed Tape

I’m loving the website Cassette From My Ex.  Entertainment Weekly had a little blurb in last weeks issue.  I LOVE IT.  On the website people detail the stories of their exes and the mix tapes they created for them.  Some are romantic, most are common – beautifully common.  There is always a picture of the tape.  You can see the small details that made this tape their tape.  The best part, you can listen to the entire mix tape on the site.  Some of the tapes are FABULOUS!


In this vein, I decided to take a look at some of my old mix cds.  Yes, I did own cassette tapes, but I probably don’t have them any more.  Most of them probably had Raffi on them. 

Here are two mix cds I had in an old case that I would share with you.

These aren’t as romantic or as cool as the ones on the website, but they are a further insight into my eclectic taste.

CD #1 Titled “Stuff/Alexis is here Vol 3”  Yep, good title.  I’m guessing this title coincided with Alexis visiting us in Indiana before her move.  i think this would put it at Spring of 2002.  Hence the reason for all the Wyclef and J Lo.

1.  I’m Real Remix – JLO and Ja Rule

2.  Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

3.  What About Us – Brandy

4.  Ain’t That Funny – more from JLO and Ja Rule

5.  Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealers Wheel

6.  Staying Alive – Wyclef Jean

7. Milk and cereal – G. Love

8. Seeing Red – Unwritten Law

9.  Beer Run – Garth Brooks

10.  Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy

11.  Gone Till November – Wyclef Jean

12. Take a Message – Remy Shand

13.  Fire or Ice – Ben Harper

14.  Ain’t It Funny (the Non remix) – JLO

15. Down on my knees – Some unknown bluesy artists

16. Ezy Rider – Jimi Hendrix

17.  Scarlet Magnolias – Keller Williams

Mix #2 is entitled “The World’s Greatest CD by Bess Browning 9-24-04.”  Again pretty nondescript title

1.  I Want to be Ready – Ben Harper

2.  Cold Beverages – G. Love

3.  All the Right Reasons – The Jayhawks

4.  Follow Through – Gavin DeGraw

5.  Fake Plastic Tree – Jamie Cullum

6.  You’re the Only One – Maria Mena

7.  Dressed in Burgundy – Michael Kelsey

8.  Volcanoes – Damien Rice

9.  Mamma’s Trippin’ – Ben Harper

10.  I’m Walking Away  – Craig David

11.  When I Come Back Down – Nickel Creek

12.  Blackbird – Sarah McLaughlin

13.  Girl on LSD – Tom Petty

14.  Walk to Slide – G Love

15.  Delicate – Damien Rice

16.  Black Cadillacs – Modest Mouse

17.  Crush – Gavin DeGraw

18.  Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar

19. Ice Cream – Sarah McLaughlin

20.  Moondance – Van Morrison


This cd instantly takes me back to the basement of the CCM writing papers for my Civil Rights and Civil Liberties class.  However, it’s good to see my taste has improved over the years.   I hope that I continue to evolve.  Although J Lo to Craig David is a somewhat lateral move. But, some things never change.  Apparently I will always love G. Love (Holla!)  I love finding these.  It reminds me how much I loved some of these songs.  Ohhh I loved “When I Come Back Down.”  I think I always will.  If you haven’t heard it, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!


Good times