I’m moving on Friday.  Since roommate/big bro is getting hitched, I’m getting kicked out of the house.  I’m only moving 1 block away, so it’s really not super taxing.

Anyway… so packing.  Since I can take my sweet time moving, packing has been a delight.  I just pop on Gilmore Girls (starting with season 1 disc 1) and put stuff in shopping bags.  It’s a very scientific method trust me.

By putting things in bags, you run across some interesting things.  Like this gem:  In my high scrap book (which my mom made by simply sliding pamphlets in a plastic sleeve), there is a cut out from the local newspaper discussing my amazing tennis prowess.  It goes a little something like this.

“Wilkison [the coach] said Douglas’ [my double partner] height and aggressive net play and Browning’s [that’s me] laid back style meld well as a doubles pairing.”  Another article says, “Don’t be fooled by the non-stop chatter and laughter between Douglas and her Browning on the court.”

I’m pretty sure “laid back style” is code word for missing the ball a lot.  “Non stop chatter” is another reference to my animal like playing style.

Yep, I was cool in high school.  Also found another journal.  This one has some really deep and insightful entries.  Please enjoy the evidence of my tomfoolery.

Tues Dec 12,00

Today was soooooooo bad [underlined a million times].  I was supposed to get my licence.  But guess what, I FAILED!!!!!!!!! I’m so upset.  Do you understand how bad that is?  Now I have to take the DRIVING TEST!!!  I’m so going to fail that one, too.  I miss 3Q about signs.  [insert the picture i drew of a sign] How was I supposed to that means slippery when wet, or [another pic of a sign] lane ends.  That’s stupid.  I’m really upset.  Carried started making fun of me.  I cried again.  I don’t know if I could take Adam knowing!  Well, after that mom and I went shopping.  I got most of my presents done. I only have the men left.  Listen what else is going terribly wrong. I finally called X (you think that would be a good thing wouldn’t you!) He  can’t go to the movies!  Great, my plans are now done! I wonder what else will go horribly wrong?  I’m just waiting.  The only good thing that happened was that I got my math grade up a little.  I have so many tests.  I’m going to fail them all too I’m sure!  We decided to ad so and so and so and so to Squib (yearbook).  Blah Blah might quit though ;( I hope she doesn’t.  Well, I’m going to bed now, so the HORIBLE (I can’t even spell horible [yes i really wrote that and spelled it that way]) Day will be over.

end scene

I took a Polaroid a myself looking sad and taped it on the journal along with a pic of my driving a go-cart with an X through it.  I was just a bit dramatic.

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