High School Hair

Bad news:  I can’t seem to find my camera battery.  I know it’s around somewhere, but between the shopping bags and boxes that fill my living room – I can’t find it.

If I could, you would now be enjoying a photo of me from junior year of high school Homecoming.  While packing I found this fabulous (I’m using this term quite loosely) picture.  Hands down, no question, this photo is wonderful because of my hair.  It is crazy big.  Like country singer on hair steroids big.

It’s a bit like this (because I was also sporting the soccer mom bob at the time), but not “hairstylist edgy.”

There is such a thing as good big hair.  I still strive for that elusive temptress.  There’s a fine line between this

and this

Truth be told, I would be happy if my hair turned out as lovely as Dolly’s.  Angelina is a silly pipe dream and young, ignorant girl still holds tight to.

Until I can find my camera, you’ll just have to use your imagination.  I don’t think Walt Disney even has enough imagination to picture this do.  It’s just that good.

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