I had the craziest dream last night.

So, in my dream I was a former Top Chef cheftestant.  Clearly the dream is starting out pretty awesome.  All the past cheftestants were reuniting at some bar (I think we were in Chicago but I don’t know).  We were also sitting relative to when we got kicked off the show.  For some reason I was in the position of the third person.  I knew I had gotten kicked off before that but I was sitting there.  In my dream, I was very concerned about it.

Then all hell broke loose.  Apparently, I had been dating Dale Talde from Top Chef season 4, but we were broken up.

This guy

[sidenote about dale:  He was actually one of my favorite Top Chefs from last season.  He was much more talented then a lot of the loser chefs that were on the show.  Everyone acted like he had this big temper.  FALSE.  He had passion.  He was doing everyonse’ work for the challenges, so he had the right to be harsh.  He is pretty cute too 😉 Rant over.]

So, Dale comes in (on crutches I think – why?  Who knows).  He’s all mad at me.  If I remember correctly, the anger comes from the fact that I made it farther in the season then he did.  We both seemed to know that I didn’t deserve it, but whatever.  I can’t help it if I’ve charmed the pants of Chef Tom Colicchio.

Anyway… somehow Dale and I worked through our difference and became bf/gf again.  To show that we were together, he wore the ankle strap from my sparkly, peep, toe red pumps on his wrist like a bracelet (WHAT – so strange)

these aren’t my exact shoes – but they’re pretty close.  Now imagine Dale wearing the ankle strap as a bracelet.  Hot right?

That was the basic jist of my dream.  Dale and I were just cooking and doing our thing as a couple.  I don’t remember all the rest of the details.  As I woke up, I remember thinking I was having such a delightful dream I didn’t want to wake up.  I didn’t know I had such a little crush on Dale 😉

What could this dream mean?

Linda from work thought it had to do with me moving.  It was symbolizing how my brother and I were “break up” but it would be fine bc we are still bro and sis.

Jenn from work thought I was subconsciously wanting little Asian babies like Jon and Kate + 8.

I think it had to do with the fact that I’ve been working on Top Chef stuff for work and I watched Gilmore Girls before bed.  Everybody has love issues on that show.

Thoughts?  Any good dream interpreters out there?

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