Sorry world (and by world I mean Aunt B the one person waiting for my blog 😉 )

Life has been busy, in mainly a good way.  Work has been pretty crazy.  I love when work is busy though.  It keeps me occupied, the days fly by and I remember why I really like my job.

In other news:  I’m officially moved.  It’s all there (well except a few hangers still in the old closet).  I slept my first night there on Sat.  Too bad I haven’t set up my cable yet so I’ve just been watching movies and tv shows.  Since packing, I’ve managed to watched 2.5 seasons of Gilmore Girls.  My love for that show is renewed!  Like I needed a reminder, but that Lorelei is a witty lady.

I’ve also watched The Way We Were as I unpacked my bedroom.  What a beautiful movie.

Jenn and I have been talking about this movie for weeks now.  She accurately figured that I would love the movie.  She’s so right.  I had watched the movie way back in the day.  But I didn’t remember much about it.  In college Kate and I tried to watch it one night before we went out, but that is not the right setting to appreciate Babs.  I was so distracted by Robert Redford’s good looks that I couldn’t focus on it.

Jenn and I agree that all girls fall into two categories:  Kate (Streisand) and “Your girl is lovely, Hubble.”  There’s the safe and beautiful girl who the Hubble’s of the world will marry.  Then there are the Kates.  Kates are the ones who care passionately and will push Hubble to be more.  I like to think I’m a Kate.  I wouldn’t make jokes after the president died.  I would tell Hubble that he is a wonderful writer, and fight for free speech!

Favorite parts of the movie:  Of course, it is terribly heartbreaking when Kate’s gloved hand reaches across and sweeps the hair off of Hubble’s forehead and says the imortal word, “Your girl is lovely, Hubble”.  Seriously, my heart is just breaking all over again thinking about it.

I also love when Hubble and JJ are on the sail boat.

JJ:  Favorite year?

Hubble:  ’44, ’45, ’46…

That’s just beautiful.  He loved the years with Kate.  When they were young and happy and beautiful and passionate… Oy!

I also felt all weak inside the first time that Kate and Hubble share a bed.  I could feel how much she wanted to be with him.  Talk about internal conflict.  She just didn’t want to get herself in too deep, but she couldn’t help it, she was already gone.

Check it out at min 2:07.

Here’s a video relating it all back to Gilmore Girls.

To preface:  Luke and Lorelei love each other, but they broke up because of their families and such.  Lorelei is taking it pretty rough

That scene has always broken my heart.  Now, it breaks my heart even more because it reminds me of Kate and Hubble and Luke and Lorelei.

Moral of this story.  The Way We Were is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon unpacking.

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