Bess in Fractions

Yesterday, when I posted my Gilmore Girl snow clip, mom noticed that I have absorbed Lorelei Gilmore into my person and I realized that it is so (SCORE!).  I also  realized that much of myself is made up of the girls I watch on screen.   See chart below. I am 1 part Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame.


I have actually read all the Anne of Green Gables book, but she is so wonderfully depicted in the movie (or miniseries?  tv series?).  I think she has to do with my flair for the dramatic.  I too would request of my new adopted family that they make me a dress for school with puff sleeves because puff sleeves are romantic.   That girl has spunk and she’s really smart which is pretty awesome for a Victorian English Canadian!

I am one part Lorelei Gilmore.  I am Lorelei mainly because that is a goal I strive for everyday.


Lorelei is so cool and pretty and hip.  I love that she knows her cultural references.  You need a pop culture dictionary just to hang around her.  Those who hang around me know that I relate most things in real life back to things I’ve seen in pop culture (such as snow I immediately equate to Gilmore Girls).  Lorelei is also a strong female who set her sights on doing something and she does it.  She uses her loquaciousness to get what she wants.  I do that too (it works very well on mom).

I am two parts Liz Lemon.


I picked this picture because it is Liz Lemon, not Tina Fey. Tina goes to fancy award shows and has her own American Express commercial.  Liz Lemon wears a Dark Sensations tshirt.  Liz Lemon has lettuce in her hair and wears socks to the beach.  Liz drinks wine and walks SLOWLY on her treadmill.  I unfortunately reflect that part of her.  I wish I could say I’m like Liz because I’ve worked my way to the top of a male dominated industry, or that I’ve committed myself fully to my job, or even that I live in New York.

Nope – I’m just Dark Sensations Liz.

I am one half part Superbad boys.


Mainly because I am a little bit of a high school boy.  I love Mountain Dew and Taco Bell.  I think video games are awesome and more specifically I love Superbad and Pineapple Express.  I blame my high school guy friends for this.  They turned me into that type of girl.

I wish I had photoshop. If I did, this image would be much cooler. Instead I doctored it in paint so it looks pretty jank. But I’ll choose to think of it as ironic.



Sorry world (and by world I mean Aunt B the one person waiting for my blog 😉 )

Life has been busy, in mainly a good way.  Work has been pretty crazy.  I love when work is busy though.  It keeps me occupied, the days fly by and I remember why I really like my job.

In other news:  I’m officially moved.  It’s all there (well except a few hangers still in the old closet).  I slept my first night there on Sat.  Too bad I haven’t set up my cable yet so I’ve just been watching movies and tv shows.  Since packing, I’ve managed to watched 2.5 seasons of Gilmore Girls.  My love for that show is renewed!  Like I needed a reminder, but that Lorelei is a witty lady.

I’ve also watched The Way We Were as I unpacked my bedroom.  What a beautiful movie.

Jenn and I have been talking about this movie for weeks now.  She accurately figured that I would love the movie.  She’s so right.  I had watched the movie way back in the day.  But I didn’t remember much about it.  In college Kate and I tried to watch it one night before we went out, but that is not the right setting to appreciate Babs.  I was so distracted by Robert Redford’s good looks that I couldn’t focus on it.

Jenn and I agree that all girls fall into two categories:  Kate (Streisand) and “Your girl is lovely, Hubble.”  There’s the safe and beautiful girl who the Hubble’s of the world will marry.  Then there are the Kates.  Kates are the ones who care passionately and will push Hubble to be more.  I like to think I’m a Kate.  I wouldn’t make jokes after the president died.  I would tell Hubble that he is a wonderful writer, and fight for free speech!

Favorite parts of the movie:  Of course, it is terribly heartbreaking when Kate’s gloved hand reaches across and sweeps the hair off of Hubble’s forehead and says the imortal word, “Your girl is lovely, Hubble”.  Seriously, my heart is just breaking all over again thinking about it.

I also love when Hubble and JJ are on the sail boat.

JJ:  Favorite year?

Hubble:  ’44, ’45, ’46…

That’s just beautiful.  He loved the years with Kate.  When they were young and happy and beautiful and passionate… Oy!

I also felt all weak inside the first time that Kate and Hubble share a bed.  I could feel how much she wanted to be with him.  Talk about internal conflict.  She just didn’t want to get herself in too deep, but she couldn’t help it, she was already gone.

Check it out at min 2:07.

Here’s a video relating it all back to Gilmore Girls.

To preface:  Luke and Lorelei love each other, but they broke up because of their families and such.  Lorelei is taking it pretty rough

That scene has always broken my heart.  Now, it breaks my heart even more because it reminds me of Kate and Hubble and Luke and Lorelei.

Moral of this story.  The Way We Were is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon unpacking.

Things That Are No More

There are some things that I like that are no more. I have decided to dedicate this post to all things that are magical, but are from an era of the days of yore.

Please note: This is in no particular order

1) Blueprints Magazine: Oh Martha Stewart you touch my soul. Blueprints is a Martha Stewart Living publication geared toward the younger audience – Women in their 20’s. I would possibly vote it most popular reading choice of the living unit Senior year of college. I wanted to be the type of woman featured in Blueprints. She was so classy and fun. She throws amazing parties and wore fashionable threads. So cool. Working in media I read about the magazine folding early on. I was crushed. Absolutely crushed. It was a sad sad day.

See look how much I could learn from this issue – A Doable dinner party, fashion necessities. The possibilities are endless (well, I guess they are now considering the magazine has folded…)

2)Arrested Development: I know this is a very cliche show to love but I can’t help it. It’s just solid gold. The show was not on long enough. It’s hard to believe they could fill 3 short seasons with such goodness. They touched/joked on every topic and each character just has that something that makes me crack up with laughter. Please enjoy this clip.

ps – Huge crush on Jason Bateman. Total fox!

3)Gilmore Girls: I could go on for days and days about Gilmore Girls. I wish I was as witty as Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. At least it gives me something to strive for. Also, that hottie from Heroes (Hayden Panettiere’s bf) Milo was on the show. All around awesomeness. I even went as far as to write a research paper on Gilmore Girls. I was was analyzing depictions of class in the show. This is why Communications majors rock.

4)College aka my social life: This is a pretty obvious choice. I used to be in college. While there, I had a relatively active social life. Now I’m in the real world – this means I can no longer hide beer in with my groceries allowing Mom and Pop to secretly pay for it. There are no more penny pitchers at Rock House. There’s no more late night trips to Marvin’s and Wal-Mart. Oh well… I hear paying bills can be fun too ;(

To prove my love for college, I’m posting the most unflattering photo of me of all time. But this picture is an example of the social life I was referring to. Wear pjs to 210 to play beer pong on a snow day. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that. RIP social life RIP.

Ok… that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with more things I’ll miss later.