I likely Lykke Li

Everyone needs a Matt.  He is my most fabulous, fun, snarky, enjoyable friend.  Sadly, though he’s been in London living far away from me right now.  It makes me sad that he and I cannot continue our adventures to Keystone Arts Cinema, shopping, calling Tori and making her talk in accents, and trips to some questionable bars.

Well the one good thing with Matt being in London is that he gives me the best music that he hears on the trendy London streets.  He is single handedly responsible for bringing Robyn into my life.

And now he’s done it again.    He made me download some Lykke (pronounced like lick-ey – but under protest because it’s kinda a lame name I’m pronouncing it Likey) Li.  Well, Lykke is a delightful gem.  She was the perfect way to musically start my week.  If you haven’t yet DOWNLOAD HER (I specifically like Little Bit the best and Dance, Dance, Dance, and Break it up, and I’m good I’m gone).

To wet your apetite check out this, as Jenn phrased it, spritely performance with Bon Iver (who I’m also very into now)

OH – also you must read Matt’s blog.  He’s a trip in the best way possible.


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