While Atlanta Burns!

I’m never quite sure how we get on these topics but somehow Jenn and I got to discussing the wonder of Gone With the Wind.  I’ m a huge fan.  The clothes, the chivalry, the opulence – all fabulous.  I used to watch my VHS two tape copy when I would be home sick.  Even in 2nd grade we were supposed to dress as our favorite book character and I came as Scarlett and my neighbor, Kelly, went as Miss Melanie.  Probably by picking Scarlett I was revealing my flair for the dramatic at an early age, but I got to wear a beautiful white dress with green flowers and a hat so whatever.

But anyway… Jenn and I were looking on youtube for clips and found this one with screen tests for Scarlett.  It’s painfully obvious that Vivianne Leigh is the only acceptable option.  Everyone else doesn’t quite capture that certain something about Scarlett.  So, good choice casting agent.

Can we talk about how terrible Ashley Wilks is?  I have never understood what Scarlett saw in him.  He was whinny and indecisive and spineless.  I mean seriously – you have Rhett Butler or Ashley Wilks.  This isn’t a hard decision.  I mean Clark Gable… they don’t make em like that anymore

Insert interesting fact:  Did you know that Clark Gable is somewhat credited with starting the trend of product placement.  In the movie It Happened One Night, he doesn’t wear an under shirt.  After that movie came out the sales of undershirts plummeted and never recovered.  Marketers realized that movies had influence on what the audience would buy (or in this case not buy).  I have 30+ pages of information on product placement, so if you want to know more, you just let me know.

2 thoughts on “While Atlanta Burns!

  1. I think the whole Scarlett/Melanie thing is kind of like the K-K-Curly Katie/Your girl is lovely, Hubble thing. And Ashley went for the sweet and gentle Melanie, and yeah, she was overall a great person yada yada, but she had no FIRE. (Except when she shot that Yankee.)

  2. I agree with Jenn, except Ashley is no Hubble or Mr. Big. The ninny couldn’t handle the fire. Hubble and Big (pre-movie) were up to but not accepting that fire challenge.

    And on an unrelated thread, as I’ve been trying to choose an engagement ring, I keep channeling Scarlett and thinking (in my head, or at least quietly to myself), “Oh Rhett! Do make it a great big one!”

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