Goals and Aspirations

I have two major goals in life I want to achieve.

1) I want to become Tina Fey

2) I want to open and run a successful bookstore on Mass Ave in Indy

I think these are both lofty but achievable goals.  I’ll start with goal #1.



She’s so pretty and funny and smart and normal.  I watch 30 Rock and think, wow I’m all the sad parts of Liz Lemon without the awesome job and work ethic.  I admire how she is the very successful star and a successful female and a prodominately male dominated industry (feminist rant over).  But mainly she’s so cool.  I just want to hang out and chat with her.  So, Tina, let’s meet up.  Have some Mountain Dews together.

Goal #2

I want a bookstore like The Shop Around the Corner in You’ve Got Mail.


I know I’m going to cement myself as a girly girl.  But I love that movie.  It is pure delight.  But that’s a side note.  Back to my bookstore.  I don’t want just a children’s bookstore like Meg Ryan has, but and all type of bookstore named B’s Knees Books.  Catchy right?  My main goal for the B’s Knees is to be able to sit around read and then talk to people who come in my store about books.  I’ll have a Newfoundland puppy who will sit at my feet by the cash register.  I’ll have my bike with my basket always out front of the store.  Seriously, everyone’s going to love B’s Knees.  If there are any potential investors out there, let me know.  I’m not so good on my saving my money for the store… but someday…. someday

2 thoughts on “Goals and Aspirations

  1. Worthy goals indeed! Tina Fey should BE so lucky to have you for a friend and I think the Mass Ave B’s Knees is a done deal. As soon as I get my millions of $$$$ I will back you and will proudly assist you as one of the “B”s Knees operators since I am a legal and proper “B”. I will, however, leave all creative decision making to you because I think you’re scarily brilliant.

  2. You do know that a Newfoundland puppy grows up to be a HUGE dog, right? And can I open up a cupcake/brownie shop next door? And by next door i mean in Jersey? You’ll just buy my cupcakes for your bookstore and I’ll ship them out and you can send me a bookcase full of books every month to feature in my shop. What do you think?

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