Auntie Bess

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


The answer would be YES.  This is my 1 month old nephew, Brody.  He’s quite precious and very advanced.  He’s already learned to roll over on his own (or so Carrie tells me.  I’ve never witnessed it myself so I’m a bit skeptical). You can see in the photo that he’s thinking and learning.

His only problem is that my silly sister keeps dressing him up like a 90 year old golfer.  I have since nicknamed him Bagger (after lame Matt Damon, golfing movie Bagger Vance).  She always puts these stupid hats and stuff on him and bow ties.  He will forever love me because on Christmas Eve I immediately removed his red plaid bow tie from his neck.  When I did, he looked up at me and said, “Thank you Aunt Best – you truly are a person who understands the needs of others.”  I told you he was advanced.

I have bought him some very cute soy onesies so he will be environmentally conscious when he grows up.  Aunt Bess has a lot to teach

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