ComiCon Here I Come

I think I’ve decided that I want to get into the Sci Fi world. I know it seems strange that a girl who loves Gilmore Girls and fashion magazines would be into Sci Fi but I think it’s something I at least want to look into.

I watched the new movie Star Trek last week and LOVED it. Granted it was full of super foxy men, but I think i liked the space stuff too.

new-trekkie-photo ps – did you all know that Tyler Perry was in Star Trek.  Shocking!  I want them to rename the movie Madea in Space.

I loved everything about Harry Potter and obviously those books are centered around hard reality. I was all into the Lord of the Rings movies with elves and dwarves and stuff. Lost gets me all sorts of worked up inside even with the time travel.

So, my new summer goal is to look into this ComiCon/Sci Fi world. I guess I need to start watching Battlestar Gallactica and retro Star Trek episodes. Hopefully, I’ll at least be the hottest girl at Comicon considering all the rest will be dressed as a Droid or something equally sexy.

4 thoughts on “ComiCon Here I Come

  1. I am so happy you’re blogging again, I could just weep! Always, always, always, they offer me cheer and mirth! And . . .because my job is often as frustrating as your job, I need cheer and mirth! Remind to give you Gilmore Girls 7 on Sat. I’m through and I’m sad I’m through.

  2. How adorable was Bones in Star Trek? I’d like to bone Bones. (Sorry to be so crude in front of you, Aunt B.)

  3. Coming from another female (newfy owner) welcome to sci-fi! I felt the same way but really there are more than ugly females in the club, I promise!! I live in Atlanta and went to Dragon-Con last year and felt pretty normal being there believe it or not. One thing to watch that really got me into the sci-fi thing is the movie Serenity!!! It is based on the tv series Firefly and is probably one of my favorite movies next to LOTR.

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