More Newfoundlands

In my blogging hiatus, I received the most traffic EVER.  I was reaching about 400 hits or so a day.  At first I thought it was a complete error in my statsm but then I started to believe it when I conducted my own little investigation.  Apparently, my blog was the first to come up if someone Google Image searches Newfoundland Dog because of my Louisa May Alcott post and this picture:

300px-Newfoundland_dog_SmokyI just tried to search and find my where my blog now lives in the Google image hierarchy and it’s nowhere to be seen.  I searched through 29 pages of images.  I don’t know how I went from #1 to # non existent.  I think the plummet happened when I started writing again.  It seems completely unjustified that once I finally put effort back into my blog and I’m punished with lower traffic.  Pish posh.  I’m going to now turn my blog into a Newfoundland Dog blog.  Apparently there’s a niche market out there for them,

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