Favorite Music Videos

Let it be noted that I understand that these are not the world’s best music videos.  These are just my favorite.

D’Angelo song – Untitled (How Does It Feel) – This video makes me proud to be a woman, and as a woman I can truly appreciate the simplicity of this video.  And by simplicity, I mean how steamy and hot it is.  This entire album is really great.  I bought it from my Columbia House or BMG or one of those CD clubs.  Easily one of the best purchases.

I think I’ve talked about my obsession with this video before – PAULA ABDUL COLD HEARTED SNAKE.  I remember watching this video and thinking it was too racy for me to be watching.  Listening to make sure I couldn’t hear mom coming downstairs because I thought she would make me change it.  I watch now and it’s really not too terrible by today’s standards – just some Bob Fosse(esque) dancing.

I have to give props to B Spears.  While I wasn’t a huge fan, I have to recognize the fact that she made videos relevant again.  I think this is the height of Brit.

My next favorite I love because it’s the best song EVER and the video is directed by Ethan Hawke.  What more could a girl want.

California Love – Tupac.  This song was my JAM in 5th grade.  I remember watching the video trying to learn all the words.  Just another white girl thuggn’ to Tupac.

This is one of the most delightful videos ever.  Try not to smile – I DARE YOU!!!

Another fun video.  Janet makes world travel seem so easy.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Music Videos

  1. this is my first exposure to your blog and i’m cracking up….especially thinking about you rocking out to tupac on the playground at Coulston.

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