Delightfully Exposed/Over-rated CRAP

I heart Netflix.  I have been a loyal subscriber for 4 years or more now.   I love the red enveloped surprises that come straight to my door.    I’ve had an interesting experience with Netflix this week.

1)  I’ve been Netflicking season 1 of Northern Exposure.  I never watched this show growing up and was only vaguely aware it existed.  I didn’t even know that John Corbett/Aiden was on the show as a main character!  And seriously, ladies, how adorable is he in this show?!

Right?!?  Super adorable.

Even though I’ve only gotten through Season 1, I find it completely delightful.  The characters are fun and quirky – kinda like the town folk of Stars Hollow, CT (home to my Gilmore Girls).  And Dr. Flieshman is precious and his cliche New Yorkness is endearing.  The great thing about watching a show that has already been canceled is that I don’t have to worry that I won’t have room on my dvr/time in my life to watch it.  There’s no commitment.  It simply augments my life when I need more tv – like in the summer when everything is a rerun and Daisy of Love is already over (and she totally picked the wrong guy).

2) Madea Goes to Jail.  Worst piece of crap movie that has ever existed.  For some reason Matt and I got this idea that Madea Goes to Jail will be this wonderful and hilarious piece of cinema.  WRONG.  We watched in with undying anticipation last night.  We got our dinner ready and prepared for the gut bursting laughter.  WRONG for the following reasons:

a) Madea is maybe in 30% of the movie.  That 30% was actually entertaining but that’s it

b)  Madea is only in jail for legit 30 mins

c)  The rest of the movie is about a prostitute that is trying to get off the streets – talk about downer.  And this is not just any prostitute.  It’s RUDY HUXTABLE.  What would Dr. Cosby say?  And, it’s hard to believe a crack addicted prostitute would have such white straight teeth.

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