Christmas Stress Remedy

Are you starting to feel stressed by the demands of the season.  Did you have a panic yesterday realizing that you didn’t know when you were finish your knitting, cranberries, laundry, packing, wrapping, office holiday party, etc?

Here is a sure-fire way to fight away those feelings:

I made a playlist called:  Makes me Happy.  Here are some songs that are guaranteed to make you feel empowered to finish your to do list and do it with some style.

Jenn and I took a hip hop dance class this fall/winter.  This class was pretty awesome, but the highlight was undoubtedly learning this dance.  It completely reignited my love for Beyonce.  That woman is FIERCE!!!  Trying to actually learn her dance moves gave me a new appreciation.  This makes me happy because it’s so awesome and empowering and just makes you want to shimmy.

During the height of my Beyonce/Ego obsession I had to add in Get Bodied because it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to shake along.  I appreciate any song (except the cha cha slide) that gives me dance instructions in the middle of the song

Glee has been my jam since the show aired.  I love it, and especially the musical numbers.  Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, is so phenomenal.  Ps for those of you that don’t know, she was the female lead in Spring Awakening!  Last night we had our office Holiday party and I was cleaning after people left.  I hooked up my iphone to the stereo put on this song and I honestly was loving cleaning.  That was until our President walks into the kitchen as I’m singing along to this song and I realize that I was not alone.  Opps.  But whatever this song deserves to be sung loudly!

and if you’re talking Rain on My Parade you better give props to Babs

Now, I realize that this song is actually about breaking up and stuff, but it’s still delightful and funky.  Also, the video is cute.  WATCH IT!

I hope you can watch/listen to these tunes and have the umph you need to complete your Christmas lists.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Stress Remedy

  1. When do you find time to blog and find all the pictures when you have so much to do??
    It would take me a few hours to find pictures and add music, no actually days, cause I would have to wait till I saw you and you showed me how (tanslation: did it for me).

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