2010 The Year of…

All of the sudden it hit me that the year is over.  It honestly feels like 2009 just started.  Is this a sign of me getting old?  Old people are always saying, “That year just flew by.”  When you’re young, each year crawls by and takes forever.  I always thought old people were nuts.

Jenn and I were talking about our mantra’s for 2010, and I realized it feels like just yesterday we were creating our 2009 mantra.  The one goal I set out for 2009 was to try a larger variety of places for lunch.  I think lasted about 2 weeks.  After that I fell into the old favorites – Jimmy Johns, O’Malias, IUPUI, or for a fancy day Hoaglin.  I hope I’m more successful in my 2010 amitions.

2010:  The Year I Become a Grown Up.  It’s a big goal really, it could encompass a lot of things, but it’s fluid and forgiving.  I think it’ll be a good mantra.  I’ve started this by using my Amazon.com gift card to buy a book Organizing for the right brained.  Typically, I live/work in surrounded with stuff.  A clean person (aka Mom) would cry looking at my bedroom most days.  Usually, I don’t even notice, but every once in a while something snaps in me and I get so frustrated.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those organized people.  I buy file folders and office supplies hoping it will help.  But alas, I just end up need to find a place to store all my organization stuff (usually the back of the closet or floor).

2009 was completely forgettable I think.  It had its highs and lows, but in general pretty uneventful. I’m expecting great things for 2010.  The Year of Bess!!!

3 thoughts on “2010 The Year of…

  1. Right this very minute, I’m trying to re-arrange my kitchen storage space (of which there not nearly enough) to make room for the 18 piece Pyrex set Kim and Greg gave me for Christmas. This is so not easy. I’m forcing myself to get rid of things I have not used for way too long, but they still have a place in my heart . . . Let me know if you learn any secrets to make this organizational stuff any easier.
    You haven’t gotten sick have you? Poor rest of your family.

  2. I LOVE that organizing book. I think it (or _Organizing for the Creative Person_) is the one that finally clued me in on the fact that I should just give up with drawers and invest in a series of door knobs to install around the room and hang things on them.

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