My version of Resolutions

About January every year I start to fester.  My festering turns into this crazy, mind numbing seasonal depression.  I am allergic to cold (like I really am.  Ask my allergist) and get soooooooooo tired of the cold and snow and weather.  Usually by the end of January I’m basically Sylvia Plath popping my head in the oven for some relief.  I think January is extra hard for me.  In college we had a delightful thing called Winter Term.  Each January students had a special class, internship, or travel opportunity.  Each January was amazing;  I went to Greece, left for Prague, partied a little harder than I’d like to admit.  But now, it’s all over.  January comes and goes and the only thing I accomplish is putting on more weight and watch too much tv.

To keep myself from gorging on Jersey Shore this year, I decided to be proactive about my depression.  I signed up for an Intro to Yoga class at Invoke in Indy.  Wonderfully, Invoke is only a few blocks from my house which means no snowy commute.  I have been told by my trusted advisors that yoga would be great for me.  By not only giving me those much touted exercise endorphins (which I believe is just a myth Nike started to make us think we would actually LIKE working out  – MARKETING LIARS), and the relaxation stress relief to help me from keeping my head out of the oven.

I had my first class tonight.  I kept emailing Tori and asking what yogis wear and bring to class.  I put on my dance pants and put my Cartoon Network waterbottle and my yoga mat (yes I already owned one.  I can usually motivate myself to buy the needed accessories) in my BESS tote bag and set off.  I was a little intimidated seeing the people walk in and out of classes but assured myself it would be ok.

So far, I love my class.  It’s small enough I feel I’m getting the help I need, but not so small I feel I’m under a microscope.  No one really knows what they’re doing so I don’t feel like too much of an idiot.  It pushed me hard enough – I did an almost back bend.  I also got to just breathe a lot too.

Oh and guess what, I do a BEAUTIFUL upward dog.  Yeah, that’s right…. SUCK IT JANUARY.

So yeah for yoga class.

3 thoughts on “My version of Resolutions

  1. Oh, my pro active sweetie! Yoga is far superior to sticking one’s head in one’s oven in Sylvia Plath manner. Just think! You’re getting all bendy!
    Is Uriaha referring to “me” Aunt B or “you” Aunt B.? We both qualify. Whichever, I find it flattering that either of us could accomplishing a good kicking.

    I didn’t go to work today. Ha and thank you snow.

  2. Yoga is awesome!! I usually do it in the winter and have failed to the last two. If I lived closer to you I would go with you. It honestly is refreshing and does help the “endorphins” even though it does sound made up! Hang in there and I desperately need to join a yoga class soon, because it is good for the mind……and the body.

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