I document my failures a lot on this blog.  I think if I made a pie chart of topics covered on the blog it would be like this:

But today I want to talk about my success.  Not just any success – A CRAFTING SUCCESS



Being in a sorority I had to learn to make random crafts like painted ponytail holders, ribbon bulleton boards, and fancy batons.  As awesome and useful as a pi phi puff painted picture frame is, my crafting wasn’t useful.   Ultimately though, I was just average. I mean I can work my way around a glue gun, but no one would actually want what I can craft.  Since I am POOOOOORRRRR and failed a cheese artisanship I turned my Christmas gift sights to crafts.

I made this for darling Aunt B for Christmas:

Am I right ladies?  Is this not something Martha would be all over?

In actuality it is relatively (ok really) simple to make.  Simply cut felt circles, fold in half twice and stick with a straight pin.  DONE SCORE WIN SUCCESS BEST NEICE EVER

I made my other darling Aunt, Aunt Kim some sheep.

I know to say it out loud, it sounds like a lame gift, but it really isn’t.  Aunt Kim has a sheep collection. They’re soft and cute and small.  Because I’m a good niece, so I wanted to add to it.  Originally I was going to order something from Etsy.  After perusing the selection, I found some very cute felted wool sheep.  My curiosity got the better of me and I wondered what went into making felted wool so I hopped on youtube.  Granted the video I watched some lame but informative video.  All you do is taking rooving wool and stab it with a needle over and over into a shape.  Granted I stabbed myself a few times, but I didn’t get any blood on the sheep.

In an effort to hand over a box that had more than a sheep I gave them character.  I added a flower to one since Aunt Kim likes to garden and a fishing rod (with a fish dangling on the end) since Uncle Greg likes to fish.  Who doesn’t want their personality put in sheep form?

Wahhhhoooooooooooo,  Crafting is fun.  Maybe someday I’ll become a world renown crafter.

2 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Yeh, Baby! Make my wreath famous!
    I would love, love, love it even if you hadn’t made it. I am in awe of you, my gifted, beautiuful, witty niece!

  2. Bessarooney,
    With the recent snow days I finally have time to do fun things like read your blog. I wanted you to know that I am enjoying my sheep! Thank you! You are very crafty these days! I’m impressed!

    Love, Aunt Kim

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