The Search Ends…

I have had a quest for some time now for the perfect shade of nail polish.  I’ve been looking for a shade of brown and a shade of green.   I searched the world wide web in hopes of finding the desired shades.  I kept finding browns that were either too dark or too light or too red.  The greens were too yellow or too bright.  For a while I thought I was searching in vain and would have to simply to live without my dream colors.

BUT ALAS VICTORY WAS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite, non Martha magazine – Lucky finally turned onto what I was looking for:

Road Trip Polish

“Driving through the desert on her way cross-country, entrepreneur Gina Carney-her new company, RGB, makes 17 impossibly chic nail colors-needed a polish change.  Toast, a cool, urban mushroom, won out.  ‘When I made it, the shade seemed arty and downtown-ish, but suddenly it had dusky, road -trip feel- like when you get off the highway in the middle of nowhere, very dirt-road-in-the-desert.’ Indeed, though we love all of her spot-on perfect neutrals, we love Toast…the most”

I got Toast and Minty… and they are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

If I had my way, I would have a mani-pedi once a week.  But sadly, my real person lifestyle doesn’t allow for such things.  I actually really use my purchased nail polish all the time.  I think I wore Moon Over Mombai for a year straight.  It’s simply an investment piece.

I wish I had better pictures… but I don’t so try not too judge too harshly- unless you think it looks awesome

One thought on “The Search Ends…

  1. I’ve seen both polishes in person.

    Sorry. But they don’t deserve a blog entry. Maybe roadtrip does. But not that green crap.

    I MEAN…

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