Julia Child

Like most women who have seen Julie and Julia, I love Julia Child.  She is a delight plain and simple.  Her book , My Life in France is splendid like everything else about her.

One of the creative partners we work with exposed me to this image and I can’t stop starring at it.

I love how it’s an angle you never see of her.  I love that it shows all the people required to make her a success.  I love that is shows the “magic” of tv.  And I love that guy’s gut hanging over his pants – just doing his job.

I feel like handing Julia Child her pie pan would create much more excitement if it were me.  But that’s his job, so I bet the excitement wears off.  While I can’t have that job with Julia, I would gladly sit behind Martha and hand her spatulas if she wanted.

Julia and I are already bff.

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