My Acceptance Speech

Ahh! I…Oh… I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’m standing here right now. I should not be here. Meryl, Meryl, come up here. This award belongs to you. Every award belongs to you. It is because of you, a girl like me knows what acting should look like. May we all strive to be a fraction of you Meryl.

I would like to thank God above for his wonder. I’m still in shock!

I have to thank my director, Marty Scorsesse. You discovered this midwest girl and brought her to hollywood. It is because of you I have met the two important men in my life – Oscar and my husband/costar Leonardo DiCaprio. Baby, you are my it! Thank you for your inspired performance in this movie. You brought out my best performance on this film and in my life.

I want to thank my parents for everything. For letting me be in Wizard of Oz in second grade and then letting me watch the movie every single day for a year after that. They put up with my dramatic nature and gave me constant support and love. Hi Brody and Josie. Aunt Best loves you.

[Insert some culture reference and make a political statement… maybe some tears]

God bless!

6 thoughts on “My Acceptance Speech

  1. Glorious acceptance speech. Simply glorious!

    However . . . . knowing how I feel about all things Wizard of Oz (except Toto), I think you might might want to interject your Beauty and the Beast performance. Think of the smiles in the audience if we show the video clips:)


    I think you should include something about “this movie was inspired by all the ____’s of the world! thank you! you can do it!”

    There was a lot of that this year and it seemed to go over well with everyone.

  3. You crack me up. I try not to comment to often because a comment from your mother is a minus comment in some strange universe… but this is so you…..Maybe you don’t have an acting career, you do entertain me!

  4. Could you add an extra “o” in the first line, please, in the second “to”?
    I need to learn to proof read even comments!

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