I Witnessed a Marraige

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of being a bridesmaid in a wedding of my dear friend Sarah.  Sarah and I have known each other since pre-school.  While it’s not that rare in Shelbyville to have known someone in preschool.  In my life, it is rare to still be good friends with them.  Sarah has seen me through my very adorable preschool phase right up through my bowl cut in kindergarden (the start of my downfall).  Note:  I tried to find a picture of my bowl cut.  Thankfully, I think I burned them all.  She knew me in elementary school when we had “Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day” and I went as Scarlet O’Hara and made another friend be Melanie.  We knew each other when having a pool party for your birthday was the COOLEST THING EVER (which she got to have, stupid November birthdays).  She’s witnessed me botch my final piano recital (I think I got 2 notes right in the entire song), and was a prom date Senior year of high school.  Note:  While looking for the prom pic, I found a lot of ones with me having really stupid hair dos.  I’m thinking my next post should be called “Ug, I’m gross.”  I also realized, for a few weeks there, I looked smokin’ hot and not fat at all.  I was too young to notice.  I will call that post “I Looked Smokn’ Hot and Not Fat At All”.

After high school we both went off to our small liberal arts colleges and even joined the same sorority.  After school, we reconnected when we both started going to the same church.  This began a nice steady stream of lunch dates and many catch up sessions.
If you’re reading this in Indiana, you’re aware that yesterday was pretty much the hottest day on record. I think it’s the hottest consecutive day since 1934… or something like that.  
It was can’t even be embarrassed by the sweat marks on your bridesmaid dress hot.  It consider plunging in a cow troff hot.  It was sweat off all your make up hot.  It was hard to catch your breath hot.  It was stand in front of the misting stations until your dress is soaked hot.  Amazingly, Sarah looked like perfection in the heat.  I don’t think she as much as lost a drip of sweat.
I alway imagine that when I sweat I look all sexy like this:
I’m all, look how sweaty I am.  Look how hot it is that I’m sweaty.  Don’t you want to come and dance all up on this?
In reality, I look much more like this:
I know, right?  I’m a little bit nervous about any reception photos that may be out there.  I also managed to bust the one thread that was holding the top of my dress together in a modest fashion.  So I also apologize to all the young children and elderly who I might have offended.
I wish my deepest congratulations and best wishes to Sarah and Dan.  I know they will have a lifetime of love and happiness as well as good photo blackmail of me looking like a drowned rat.  

One thought on “I Witnessed a Marraige

  1. Sarah had to be the only one that was a cool cucumber that day,.
    she looks lovely
    In my wedding 36 years ago today, by the way, all anyone remembered was how hot it was (no AC). I wore an extemely modest long sleeve, high necked quionna(sp?) dress I picked out on a cool day in the spring, who’d a thought???

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