The Big Move

My life has recently taken quite an unexpected turn.  At the end of the month I will be leaving my beloved city, Indianapolis and jetting across the country to Seattle.  


This all started after a well known company (one with a big smile on the box) reached out via Linkd IN about a marketing position.  At the time I didn’t think much about it, but after 3 phone interviews and an in person interview, I got the job.  Unfortunately, that led to panic on my part.  I know for most people a more high profile job and higher salary would be a no brainer, but for me it wasn’t so easy.  


I love this town.  I love the people in it and the community they form.  I’m happy in my current job.  I love being no more than 30 mins from all of my family.  I have great friends and a great home.  For me, that’s all very important.  I hate the idea of missing any time with my 5 favorite people in the world – my nieces and nephews.  Ultimately the decision came down to this:  what’s the worst case scenario?  I thought about it from all sides.  Let’s say I go, worse case scenario, I move back.  I’ll have to pay back relocation but I can undo it if I need to.  If I don’t go, the worse that would happen would be regret.  That is something I can’t undo.  I’ll admit that I knew I had a call on Monday at 11:30 with HR to give them my answer.  Up until 11:29 I was on the phone with my mother in tears saying “I just don’t know what to do.”  


But, since I’ve decided to do, I’m ready to get myself up for this adventure.  I will have 2 fantastic years all the way on the other side of the country and find out more about myself in the process.  As my friend Shannon said, “it’s like an associates degree.”  Most everything right now is still pretty unknown.  I’m not sure exactly when I move (some time the end of June), how I’m going to move, how I’ll get Bogie (70lb dog) there with me, where I’m going to live, but I’m sure it’ll all work out and all happen.  


So far, I’ve been doing my research by watching Sleepless and Seattle, Real World Seattle, and Singles.  Other than the two days I was in town for the interview, this is all I have to go on.  I knew nothing about Prague before spending 4 months there, and I loved exploring it, so I think of all I can uncover in 2 years.


Everyone has been amazing. Friends and acquaintances have all sent notes and emails of encouragement.  I’m already counting on the few people I know there to be my best friends.  I hope they’re ready for it.  I figure if worse comes to worse, 2 years from now, at least my skin will be absolutely glowing from all the omega 3s I’ll get from the fresh salmon I’ll be eating.  I’ll also finally have time to finish all those craft projects I never get done.  I have a quilt I was making for my cousin’s daughter.  It was supposed to be for her shower, then her birth, then her first birthday… and it’s still not done.  My craft eyes are bigger than my craft abilities.  BUT NOT ANYMORE.  TAKE THAT WORLD.  I’LL FINISH A QUILT!!!


If you’re an Indy friend reading this, trust I will miss you terribly!  It’s funny the things that went through my head knowing I’m going to leave. I thought about missing the Paul McCartney concert, Jenn’s and my annual Tonic Ball night, birthday parties, even fireworks from the best view in the city – my house.  The best solution right now is to get you all to move with me.  So if any of you are feeling like a change, move to Seattle!  I’ll at least settle for regular visits.  No really, you all have to visit.  



7 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. That’s awesome Bess! I promise you will love the Northwest and you will fit right in. Maybe you will find your future husband there?! I’m so excited for all the opportunities you are about to have, but I’m also a little jealous. Have fun and take it all in, but I know you will! We will miss you!

  2. 10 Things I Hate About You! You should watch it! Though the high school is actually in Tacoma and it never rains once during the film. Singles is a pretty good representation. It’s definitely cloudy enough. On the upside, you will not need air conditioning and you’ll get to wear cute layers all the time.

  3. So we’ll be reading lots of new blog entries: whatbesslikes….in Seattle!, right? I know you’ll have plenty of things to write! Can’t wait to hear about it all. It’s hard to let you go, but I’m excited for you, too.

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