Elvis and Me (Bess)

I told you 2009 would be the year I blogged more.

Yesterday was Elvis’s birthday. You may not know this about me but I actually really like Elvis. I even made Mom and Dad take me to Graceland 2 Januaries ago when we had a layover in Memphis. We were only in Memphis for maybe 4 hours but we had time for the ENTIRE Graceland tour and some bbq.

In honor of Elvis’s yesterday birthday, here is photo of me admiring him in Graceland.


He was at one point on my top 10 list (young Elvis about the time he was in war). My infatuation has to do with my love for the TV movie Elvis and Me. The movie is all about Priscilla’s relationship with Elvis. As a young girl it was very inspriational to see that as an adoring fan I too could get the most famous musician to fall in love with me. I used to watch the movie with Carrie. She loved it and I loved anything that she or Adam loved because I wanted to be cool so desperately.

Elvis and me is awesome. I tried to find a clip on youtube but I could only find some lame fan videos.