Democratic Process

I love fulfilling my civic duty.

What a rush.  My polling location is right across the street from work.  So this morning, I pull on my Sunday best, grab my id, a bill, and registration confirmation.  I wasn’t going to get turned away!

I get there around 8 expecting to have to wait in line, but I just walk right in and vote.

I did my civic duty with pride.

I made an election playlist – enjoy:

sidenote:  My actual playlist has 66 songs.  I’m giving you all the sort version

1.  A Change is Going To Come – Sam Cooke

2.  America – Simon and Garfunkel

3.  Jack and Diane – John Cougar

4.  I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King

5.  Revolution – Grandaddy

6. We’re All In This Together – Ben Lee

7.  We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

8.  Power to the People – Black Eyed Peas

9.  Love Generation – Bob Sinclar

10.  Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

11.  How It Ends – Devotchka

12.  Break on Through – The Doors

13.  People Get Ready – Eva Cassidy

14.  Goin’ On – The Flaming Lips

15.  Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

16.  Holding out for a Hero – Frou Frou

17.  Freedom – George Michael

18.  Working Class Hero – Green Day

19.  Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo’le

20.  What a Difference a Day Makes – Jamie Cullum

21.  A Little Bit More – Jamie Lidell

22.  Oh Happy Day – Lauryn Hill

23.  Got to Give it up – Marvin Gaye

24.  The Times They are a Changin’ – Mason Jennings

25.  Mad World – Michael Andrews

26.  This Year – The Mountain Goats

27.  Highly Suspicious – My Morning Jacket

28.  Rockin’ the Free World – Neil Young

29.  Back of The Bus – Outkast

30.  Yes We Can Can – The Pointer Sisters

31.  I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien

32.  Another One Bitest the Dust – Queen

33.  It’s the End of the World As We Know It – REM

34.  New York, New York – Ryan Adams

35.  Political Scientist – Ryan Adams

36.  World on Fire – Sarah McLachlan

37.  Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel

38.  You, Me and the Bourgeoisie – The Submarines

39.  Flint (For the unemployed and underpaid) – Sufjan Stevens

40.  I shall be Released – Wilco w/ Fleet Foxes

41.  What’s Ging On – 4 Non Blondes


Eye Contact

I remember when Fleetwood Mac came back for that reunion. It was a big ole deal. I think we even taped it at my house. At the time I don’t think I fully understood what it meant. I mean I had listened to the Rumors album. I used to rock out to Rumors Revisited, but I don’t think I got the entire depth of the Fleetwood Mac story. I probably hadn’t watched the Behind the Music [btw what happened to those… I was OBSESSED. I think the first one I watch was the Mammas and Pappas. I was hooked for life] yet to get how much intra-band affairs there were.

So, a few months ago Diablo Cody had written an article in Entertainment Weekly about her favorite Youtube videos. I love her so of course I looked all of the up and watched them all. One of her choices was a video of Silver Springs from the Fleetwood Mac reunion.


I first want you to watch the clip. Watch it in full. Then we’ll discuss.

Did you watch it?

Watch it first.

Ok, now we can discuss. First a brief history lesson for all the Fleetwood novices.

From Wikipedia

Fleetwood Mac‘s second album with their new lineup, Rumours, began recording in early 1976 and continued until late in the year. Sessions were dogged by faulty drum tracks, disintegrating tapes, and the tension between the band members, which influenced the songwriting. Nicks’ contributions were the jaunty, tight harmony “I Don’t Want to Know” (intended for a second Buckingham Nicks album in 1974); the dark, mystical “Gold Dust Woman,” a diatribe about the dangers of cocaine and the rock and roll lifestyle; the dramatic “Silver Springs,” a b-side about her relationship with Buckingham; and the atmospheric “Dreams,” which became the band’s only Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit single. Other songs written for the album, but released later, included “Think About It” (recorded for Bella Donna) and “Planets of the Universe” (recorded for Trouble in Shangri-La). Both these tracks were reissued on the expanded and remastered edition of Rumours in 2004.

I couldn’t find a good write up about their torrid love affair and love loss, but basically. Everybody was doing everybody.

So, if you notice on the video circ 4:20 tension starts to build. Stevie and Lindsey start making eye contact and don’t stop till the end of the song. It send shivers down my body. There’s so much anger and passion in that look. I challenge anyone to find a scene in a movie that has more heat to it than those 20 secs. Seriously, anyone got anything?

I didn’t think so. This is why I want to be a 1960’s rock star.