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I was recently looking for a notebook to use when I had to lead a discussion for my house church. I found my old journal that I have used for just about everything since 2001. This notebook began its life as my journal. In college I used it to keep notes during my Pi Phi exec meetings and for scheduling classes.

Every year our family would go on vacation for my dad’s work. Through these trips I met one of my best friends, Alexis. Alexis always kept a journal. She was from the west cost and was much cooler than I was, so obviously I wanted a to keep a journal too. I picked this journal up at a Barnes and Noble on my way home from such a trip and began writing on the plane home. Take a look at the cover. I think the multi-colored poka dots scream Bess-in-high-school-style. Happily, my style hasn’t changed that much, and I’m not embarrassed to still use it!

Not only did I write what was going on in my life, I also put pictures and other paraphaneilia in it. I have always been a more visual person.

It’s hilarious to see what I chose to write about in the Summer between sophomore and junior year. I’m going to pick some entries to share with you. I will however change some names and locations so I don’t completely embarass myself.

“Location: Reno/Tahoe Nevada airport

Last few moments of vacation. Ahhh sad! It’s been a fun week. I went to Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California. I have an entire new vacab!

best ever

quite possibly




Ah Sad


Great words, huh. X and I got really close this week. I wish we lived closer. I would totally hang out with him all the time. The plane is taking off. Fun! I’m on my way to Vegas. Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas (and here I drew musical notes around the words). Any way, back to vaca. This year was actually kinda wierd. Not in a bad way thought. I miss Anne being there too ;( It felt short. I dunno. i went to “the beach” 2. One time everyone went and the other time everyone else was jet-skiing, but since I’m so luckily allergic to cold I didn’t go :(. I got a little red though. i turned so it’s cool. I flew on a trapeez. That was interesting. I only did it once. I played a lot of eucher. X and I are the best partners ever! We won against Y and Z 5-2. We had this wird telepathic thing. We also cheated! (only a couple of times). It was great. Y would get so mad @ us. X and I would sing our song do dut dodo do do dut do do do do. It was terribly trendy! I heart it. Ahh I miss it. I shopped one day too. I got a toe ring, pillows w/ poppori in them 4 friends, Craig David cd (Yes!) Travis cd, a Tahoe Tessie t-shirt. Oh it’s great!

Ahh listen to this. When we were eating before shopping I fell out of my chair! i was tipping and I fell backwords, broke the leg and cut my toe! Yes I’m cool! The meal was great though. We saw Jarasic Park III. Bad movie! Wow, @ first it was ok but then it just ended! It was like they ran out of stuff so they just said THE END! i had a lot of relly good meals. A lot of times us kids would just hang out. That’s about it for now but I’m sure I’ll think of something eles soon!

-Please note I have not alterred the spelling or grammer at all –

This one is a personal fav

Carrie [my oder sister] if you are reading this, I hate you! I can’t believe you read it. You suck! let’s see on Sunday I went to see Legally Blonde w/ Sirena, Kelly, Amanda, and Courtney. We took the escalade. We felt pretty pimp. The movie was cute. I liked it. That night I went to Erik’s for a campout. It was fun. we drove around and talked for a while then came back to Eriks. We spent the rest of the time finishing my pictures up. I think they should all be pretty cute.______ stayed the night. We talked to ____ online for a while. I was mean to him! I was like why haven’t you called _____. If you really like her you would try to make it work and stuff like that. it was fun. Then ______ came over w/ Mike [cousin] and Carrie [sister]. He sat next to me on the couch. It was great. He’s so hot. Carrie, _____ and I played trivial pursuit for a while but it got boring so_____ and I went to bed. I got my pics back from vacation. They’re really cute. The only other I’ve done today is sleep so you know. I’m going to try to go back to bed now.

It’s good to know some things never change. I will always fall and embarrass myself, sing ditties, and get mad at my sister for doing big sister stuff.

Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll share more entries later.

Baco Avalanche

Since everyone enjoyed my bicycle humiliation story so much, I thought that I would share my most recent humiliation.

I have found that O’malia’s Grocery is the place to be after work.  It is full of young professionals.  Everyone is carrying their canvas bags, listening to their ipods, and wearing their trendy professional garb.  It’s a pretty enjoyable experience all around.

Today I had to pick up a few things for a dinner on Thursday.  I was cruising down the dairy aisle smiling at the cute guy while picking out cheese.  I’m then heading to the vegetable row.  I decide to take the canned bean aisle to get there. 

Oh no, there’s another shopper occupying the row.  This is probably a good time to note that O’Malia’s has these new crazy carts.  See picture below to fully understand.


Note how the bottom is larger than the top.


Well, I’m trying to avoid hitting the other aisle occupant.  In doing so, I crash the bottom of my cart into a Baco Display.


Bacos go flying. 

Me: “Oh Crap.”

Aisle occupant on cell phone: “I’m going to have to call you back, some girl just knocked over a display and needs some help.”

Luckily the Bacos came in a plastic container.  With the help of cell phone girl, I got them all put back where they belong.



Now, one would expect me to be all embarrassed by the incident.   Too bad this is all too frequent occurrence for me.  Ok, so maybe I haven’t exactly dumped a display of Bacos before, but I do embarrass myself a lot.


Here’s another example of my grace and elegance.  The YMCA has a wall of treadmills that face out onto the street.  I’m rocking out on the treadmill.  I’m “running” (and by running I mean panting and hyperventilating) with my ipod tuned to Work Out Mix.  Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone has my arms pumping.  On one such arm swing, my arm crosses my headphone cord.  This sends my ipod all the way across the room.  Lucky for me THERE ARE people on the treadmill next to me so this doesn’t go unnoticed.  This completely frazzles me.  I can’t figure out what to do.  The belt is still spinning at 6 level. 

Just imagine me flailing on the treadmill. I’m trying to turn around and locate my ipod.  FINALLY, I get it together enough to press the STOP button.  I slide off the back of the treadmill.  I know that sounds gracefull, but trust me it wasn’t.  It was more like a 3 Stooges skit.

My ipod landed next to stationary bike some else is riding.  I can’t get my hand under the peddles.  The guy won’t stop peddling so I could safely grab it.  Finally, like the ninja I am, my cat like hands grab it.  I decide my work out is done and out the door I go.


Such is life as Bess.