Conspiracy Theory

I think I might be a conspiracy theorist.  Or at least a Rock n’ Roll conspiracy theorist.

There used to be this show on VH1 all about rock n’ roll conspiracies.  However, Google has finally failed me.  There is no information to be had about the show.  It makes me wonder if I maybe dreamed it.  I swear I used to watch it.  There were only like 2 episodes on the show but it was FASCINATING.

How did I recently rediscover my pension for rock conspiracies?  Let me explain:

Jenn and I have been marveling on the wonder that is Sam Cooke.  I’ve been obsessed lately.  He just have the best voice.   It just sends me to such a happy place.  There’s so much soul and life in it.   So, Jenn told me that she thought he was killed by a prostitute.  This led to a big search which revealed that “they” think his murder was actually done by the mafia and record execs.  It’s actually very interesting stuff.

I then remembered the VH1 show.

conspiracy #1

Kurt and Courtney-

She totally killed him.  It was no suicide

Check out this website.  There is some pretty damning evidence right there.

Conspiracy #2

Charles Manson vs the music

From his wikapedia page:

The events that would culminate in the murders were set in motion in late spring 1968, when, by some accounts, Dennis Wilson, of The Beach Boys, picked up two hitchhiking Manson girls and brought them to his Pacific Palisades house for a few hours. Returning home in the early hours of the following morning from a night recording session, Wilson was greeted in the driveway of his own residence by Manson, who emerged from the house. Uncomfortable, Wilson asked the stranger whether he intended to hurt him. Assuring him he had no such intent, Manson began kissing Wilson’s feet.[18][19]

Inside the house, Wilson discovered 12 strangers, mostly girls.[18][19] Over the next few months, as their number doubled, the Family members who had made themselves part of Wilson’s Sunset Boulevard household cost him approximately $100,000. This included a large medical bill for treatment of their gonorrhea and $21,000 for the accidental destruction of an uninsured car of his which they borrowed.[20] Wilson would sing and talk with Manson, whose girls were servants to them both.[18]

interesting huh… the wiki page is actually pretty terrifying.  I don’t recommend reading at night when you’re alone