This weekend was quite the Occasion. I traveled up to Chicago to visit with friends, celebrate the birth of Courtney, and go to Pitchfork music fest. I’d say the weekend earned two enthusiastic thumbs up! Fine holiday fun.

Friday, immediately after work, I headed to the big city or at least that was the plan. However, my life doesn’t work like that. I had to run home and pick up a few things I forgot to pack. Of course, I left my ipod at work. I REFUSE TO TRAVEL 3+ HOURS WITHOUT IT! But finally circa 6 I got on the road. It was a pretty easy trip, stop a gas station for some gatorade, hit up taco bell, listen to Harry Potter audio book. (sidenote: I always feel very cool listening to Harry Potter when I cruise up to a drive through or a toll booth).

Saturday started the weekend’o’fun. After a delish brunch at some Hari Krishna restaurant Molly and I headed to Pitchfork.

(please note the guy behind us. I have a feeling it’s not a ciggie he’s smoking!)

The first act we caught was Fleet Foxes. Foxes indeed.

They were actually one of my favorite acts. I’ve been listening to them non stop (no really I’ve had my headphones in listening to them as I run errands, when I’m cleaning at home. I’m obsessed) since I’ve returned. These guys can harmonize.

check out one of their performances here.

The heat was pretty intense on Saturday and it was so sticky. But the world is kind and Molly discovered the popcicles. I’m not kidding when I say these Popsicles changed my outlook on life. Fruity delishiousness was exactly what I needed right then

Seriously, don’t they look good?

After the pops we watched Vampire Weekend. They were great. I’ve just been loving their cd all spring/summer. I can’t get the video I took to imbed, but trust me, you’re not missing much. I’m a terrible videographer.

The rest of the day was spent listening to acts from the comfort of a poncho seat.

Here’s a list of the other acts I saw day 1:

Caribou (or the end of it)

Fleet Foxes

Dizzee Rascal

Vampire Weekend

!!! (I was loving their lead singer’s hot dance moves!)

We sadly had to leave before we could see Animal Collective. But Molly and I kept our head up because we were going to the wonderful birthday celebration for Courtney.

We decked out in our Sunday best and headed to a wonderful Italian dinner. Afterwards we headed to some bar in the Lincoln Park area. This bar was full cute guys, or so it appears at first glance. Here’s an example of what type of guy was at the bar. Emily and I are just chatting about life and we notice this guy behind Annie that keeps staring and pointing at her. He then calls over a friend and starts doing to same thing. This goes on for legit 15 mins or more. Finally the guy comes up to Annie and pulls out this beauty, “We’ve voted you best dressed here. We appreciate that you took the time to put yourself together tonight, so I want to buy the best dressed a drink.” Annie thinks it was ruffied.

Things like this go on all night, but we had a magnificent time. After last call we’re on our way out when a monsoon hits. I mean it is pouring down rain.

It looks a little like this.

For some reason, Annie, Molly, and Courtney decide to go get us a cab. Emily, Kathryn, and I enjoy the nice dryness of the inside. My friends are troopers. They came out of this looking a little like wet dog (but very cute wet dog).

Happily, the rain ended just in time for us to enjoy day 2 of Pitchfork.

Annie, Kathryn, Courtney and I went on day two.

Here’s who we saw:

Les Savy Fav

Ghostface Killah and Raekwon (at least Annie and Court saw them)

The Dodos

M. Ward


Bon Iver

Dinosaur Jr


They were all great. I didn’t know much of anything about The Dodos before I went, but they were fantastic as well. All the acts lived up to my high expectations.

There’s Bon Iver. Good work!

The BEST part the concert was the people watching. GOLD SOLID GOLD. The festival was one big Ray Ban commercial I swear. The place was filled with too cool hipsters – guys in skinny jeans, girls in headbands worn rambo style. The best game to play while people watching was, “Who doesn’t belong.” I loved the ladies with their Louis Vitton bags standing next to people with fanny packs. I was content doing nothing but watching people walk by. I really wish I was cool enough to be a hipster… someday maybe… someday.

There’s much more to say on this subject, but I’m tired so that’s all you get for now!

It’s Friday – It’s Summer Songs

It’s Friday (Woot Woot!) It’s Summer (Holla!)

Friday afternoons are a special time at the office. Especially in Summer. The office is quiet and the work is slow. Those last 3 hours can drag on and on and on and on and on…

I have decided to go on the offensive today. I WILL NOT LET SUMMER FRIDAY AFTERNOON DEFEAT ME! Thus, I have created a wonderful playlist to get me through the day. These are songs that make you want to dance in your cubicle even though Dave across the aisle can probably see you (completely hypothetical of course).

Here are the top 30 songs for “It’s friday – It’s summer” from my work itunes (in no particular order):

1: Theme from Boondock Saints – mainly bc it makes me think of St. Patty’s day

2: Tears Dry on my Own – Amy Winehouse – I will never tire of her doo-wop ditties

3 Chain of Fools – Aretha Miss Franklin if you’re nasty – This song makes me want to have attitude. Just try not to pout your lips and shake your head as you sing along.

4: Tennessee – Arrested Development – I had a difficult time choosing between this song and Mr. Wendel. Tennessee ended up winning for the line, “A game of horseshoes!”

5: When the Night Feels My Song – Bedouin Soundclash – I don’t know where I got this song, but it’s really great

6: Itchypoo Park – Ben Lee – Ben Lee is great. I really wanted the song “What would Jay Z do.” But unfortunately I only have it at work. But this is a great backup

7: F-cking Boyfriend – The Bird and the Bee – You can’t not smile while listening to this song. Love this band

8: Banquet – Bloc Party – I just like this one and that’s all I really have to say about that

9: I feel the Earth Move – Carole King – Tapestry is one of the best albums of all time. Matt and I want to start at Carole King cover band. I think this song will be my specialty.

10: Aretha Sing One for Me – Cat Power – I’m obsessed with Cat Power’s newest album. Most of her songs are total downers though. This one gets me moven’ though.

11: Nighttiming – Coconut Records – I LOVE Jason Swartzman. Rushmore is easily one of my favorite movies. When I found out that he had a new album out I rushed to my itunes and was pleasantly surprised. It’s very west coast/oc style. Nighttiming is my fav from it, and I find I put it on almost all of my playlists.

12: All Along the Watchtower – Eddie Vedder and the Million Dollar Bashers – this is from the “I’m Not There Soundtrack” which is AWESOME. I have yet to be tired of this album and it’s been on repeat for months. Can you really go wrong with Eddie on a Friday – or any day for that matter?

13: Ok, It’s Alright with Me – Eric Hutchinson – I must admit, I trust Perez Hilton with my music listening. He turned me on to Eric Hutchinson and I’m oh so glad he did. Great summer listening

14: When The Lights Go Out – 5ive – 5ive has always and forever will be my favorite boy band. This song is a classic

15: Hippopopotamous and Ryhmnosaurous – Flight of the Conchords – I think Bret and Jermain are the funniest guys and this song is case in point.

16: Booty Call – G Love and Special Sauce – This song is summer

17: Shakedown Street – Grateful Dead – Makes me think of college, and the Ruse playing this song at the Rockhouse on a hot Sat night, which makes me happy

18: Down to the Market – The Kooks – Great song, very catchy. Perfect for driving with the windows down on a lunch break

19: Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie – Need there be an explanation?

20: Paper Planes – MIA – Makes me want to be a bad ass

21: See you Again – Miley Cyrus – Judge all you want, but this is a really catchy song. Ask anyone who was at New Years 2k7 with me. By the 400th time it’s played, you love it.

22: This is How We Do It – Montell Jordan – I am embarrassed/proud to say I know every single word

23: Take Off My Clothes – Morningwood – Every woman who listens to this song, will have some guy come to mind when she hears it. And then she’ll smile

24: Handle Me – Robyn – I’m so grateful Matt introduced me to the wonder that is Robyn. Yes this is the “Show me Love” Robyn but now she’s laced with hip hop and attitude. Great pop song.

25: Where Did you Heart Go Missing – Rooney- My most played song on my work itunes. It is impossible not to feel happy when you hear it. It’s also impossible not to shimmy your shoulders.

26: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend – I had a difficult time picking just one song from their album. This is another cd that I will never tire of. It always makes me happy and it sounds like Summer or Friday – better yet a Summer Friday

27: Superstition – Stevie Wonder – I got to see the fabulous Stevie at the Obama Rally in Indy. All I wanted was to hear Superstition. He didn’t play it, but it was still AMAZING!

28: No Diggity – Blackstreet – This song is evident of how great the 90’s were. Every time I hear this song I have to call Jane because this song single handedly got us through the long bus ride from Prague to Berlin.

29: Tonight I have to Leave It – Shout Out Louds – they sounds like the cure and I like it. It’s my mellow summer jam

30: Eventually – Zox – Great for a summer bbq

and there you have it – go forth listen and survive your friday