A Few of My Favorite Things

Earlier this week, I got really sad about work stuff.  Another plan presented, another plan tabled. Lately at work, I have been working really hard for clients and then either the client wants to do it in house, or there’s no money, or budgets are cut so severely that there’s no point even doing it.  It makes you feel a little worthless when none of your hard work comes to fruition.  Then it just takes the smallest thing to set me off.  I had one such occasion this week.  I spent about 4 hours trying not to cry, scream, or smack someone in the teeth (which took every ounce of self restraint not to do).

I had to get myself out of my stupid work funk so I channelled a few of my favorite things:

1.  Playing Sporcle.com with Matt

2.  Going to the shinny Downtown library and getting a book on “How to Open and Manage a Bookstore”

3.  Eating grocery store Mexican dip in bed for dinner while watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and playing Bubble Spinner (I’m an excellent multi-tasker)

4.  Talking about my American Idol try-out with Katie and Sarah (I plan on singing Lisa Lobe “Stay” and will NOT GET into my musical number because I would hate to make it on the stupid people reel)

5.  Watching Deadliest Warrior with Katie and Sarah who had never seen it before (BEST SHOW EVER)

6.  Falling asleep to Almost Famous and a thunder storm

And now today I’m getting a Veggie Bagel from Hoaglin.  All is right with the world once more.

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