A Few of My Favorite Things

Earlier this week, I got really sad about work stuff.  Another plan presented, another plan tabled. Lately at work, I have been working really hard for clients and then either the client wants to do it in house, or there’s no money, or budgets are cut so severely that there’s no point even doing it.  It makes you feel a little worthless when none of your hard work comes to fruition.  Then it just takes the smallest thing to set me off.  I had one such occasion this week.  I spent about 4 hours trying not to cry, scream, or smack someone in the teeth (which took every ounce of self restraint not to do).

I had to get myself out of my stupid work funk so I channelled a few of my favorite things:

1.  Playing Sporcle.com with Matt

2.  Going to the shinny Downtown library and getting a book on “How to Open and Manage a Bookstore”

3.  Eating grocery store Mexican dip in bed for dinner while watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and playing Bubble Spinner (I’m an excellent multi-tasker)

4.  Talking about my American Idol try-out with Katie and Sarah (I plan on singing Lisa Lobe “Stay” and will NOT GET into my musical number because I would hate to make it on the stupid people reel)

5.  Watching Deadliest Warrior with Katie and Sarah who had never seen it before (BEST SHOW EVER)

6.  Falling asleep to Almost Famous and a thunder storm

And now today I’m getting a Veggie Bagel from Hoaglin.  All is right with the world once more.

Bess in Fractions

Yesterday, when I posted my Gilmore Girl snow clip, mom noticed that I have absorbed Lorelei Gilmore into my person and I realized that it is so (SCORE!).  I also  realized that much of myself is made up of the girls I watch on screen.   See chart below. I am 1 part Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame.


I have actually read all the Anne of Green Gables book, but she is so wonderfully depicted in the movie (or miniseries?  tv series?).  I think she has to do with my flair for the dramatic.  I too would request of my new adopted family that they make me a dress for school with puff sleeves because puff sleeves are romantic.   That girl has spunk and she’s really smart which is pretty awesome for a Victorian English Canadian!

I am one part Lorelei Gilmore.  I am Lorelei mainly because that is a goal I strive for everyday.


Lorelei is so cool and pretty and hip.  I love that she knows her cultural references.  You need a pop culture dictionary just to hang around her.  Those who hang around me know that I relate most things in real life back to things I’ve seen in pop culture (such as snow I immediately equate to Gilmore Girls).  Lorelei is also a strong female who set her sights on doing something and she does it.  She uses her loquaciousness to get what she wants.  I do that too (it works very well on mom).

I am two parts Liz Lemon.


I picked this picture because it is Liz Lemon, not Tina Fey. Tina goes to fancy award shows and has her own American Express commercial.  Liz Lemon wears a Dark Sensations tshirt.  Liz Lemon has lettuce in her hair and wears socks to the beach.  Liz drinks wine and walks SLOWLY on her treadmill.  I unfortunately reflect that part of her.  I wish I could say I’m like Liz because I’ve worked my way to the top of a male dominated industry, or that I’ve committed myself fully to my job, or even that I live in New York.

Nope – I’m just Dark Sensations Liz.

I am one half part Superbad boys.


Mainly because I am a little bit of a high school boy.  I love Mountain Dew and Taco Bell.  I think video games are awesome and more specifically I love Superbad and Pineapple Express.  I blame my high school guy friends for this.  They turned me into that type of girl.

I wish I had photoshop. If I did, this image would be much cooler. Instead I doctored it in paint so it looks pretty jank. But I’ll choose to think of it as ironic.


Fleet Foxes

I’m watching the Fleet Foxes on SNL right now.  They’re performing Blue Ridge Mountain and it sounds FANTASTIC!!!  I’m very proud of them.  I first heard them live so I knew they were good, but they sound tonight.


ps Blue Ridge Mountain made it to my top ten of 2008 list.  I think if I had to put my list in order that would be first.  I love when they get all riled up about half way through the song.


There is a new AMAZING show on VH1 called:  Confessions of a Teen Idol.

I accidental stumbled upon it the other and WOW.   VH1 has done it again.  I just love their ridiculous programming.  You really can’t get better than Brett Michaels in his bandannas deciding which stripper he’ll give his heart to.  But then he’s not sure if he can fall for a stripper again since “a dancer” as he calls it, broke his heart once and that’s what inspired Every Rose Has it’s Thorn. They just have this knack for finding people who are willing to take themselves way too seriously and exploit that on national tv.

But Confessions of a Teen Idol is hosted by Scott Baio.  At the beginning and end of each episode he does this Doogey Howser wrap up about the pit falls of fame and wanting that limelight again.  The show is just about former teen idols trying to get themselves back in show business.  Check out the cast list:

1)Guy from the Blue Lagoon

2) Guy from TJ Hooker

3) Guy from Fame

4) Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch

5) David Chokochy from Baywatch

6) Eric Neis from Real World New York and The Grind

7) Jamie Walters from Beverly Hill 90210


You might remember him from his hit single “How do you Talk To An Angel.”  He was also Donna’s bf, Ray on 90210.  Please see the below clip to job your memory

Isnt’ that a really beautiful song about Donna?  Ok, here’s what happened on 90210.  Ray comes into town with his guitar and flannel shirts and sweeps Donna off her feet.  Then he throws her down some stairs, he pushes her against the wall, and he sleeps with Valerie.  DRAMA.  but he from the wrong side of the tracks. He couldn’t deal with Donna being all spoiled and stuff.  It wasn’t his fault!

But now Jamie Walters is a dad and doesn’t necessarily even want  to be in the public eye.  He’s happy just being a dude and hanging with his kids.  However, during one of their group therapy sessions they helped him realize how happy he would be doing what he loved the most – music.

cue How do you talk to an angel

If you’re like me, you immediately went to your itunes and tried to find this song so you could listen to it while you did your billing or planning.  But OH NOOOOO IT’S NOT ON ITUNES AND IT’S NOT UNDER JAMIE WALTERS.  In order to find this song for download, you need to go to Amazon.com and look under the band The Heights.  The Heights was a 90210 spin off that lasted for 12 episodes according to IMDB.  I think I had that song on cassette as a little girl.  I dubbed it off the radio and would listen to it before bed.

Man, I love Jamie Walters.

more Jamie Eye Candy

Move Over Sliced Bread…

Something even greater just came around.

Heavenly News

As previously mentioned, I love Don Draper.  Humina Humina.

I haven’t written about it yet, but I LOVE TINA FEY.  She’s so cool/pretty/funny.  I think 30 Rock might be the best show on tv.  Considering I watch everything on tv, that’s saying something.

but if you clicked the link you would have learn that Don Draper is going to be on 30 Rock.  It’s my two favorite fictional characters in one place.

I could not be happier.

Mad mad mad

I’m into Mad Men this year.  The show has always had incredible buzz.  I thought that I might like it considering it has great fashion and takes place in the ad world.

All those things are true and reasons why I like the show.  But… my big take away from the show is Don Draper.  He has that quality that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you’d really like to.

I mean look at him.

He’s very Old Hollywood looking to me.  I get that Carey Grant in Philadelphia Story vibe from him.  I think it’s the calm confidence.

Let’s be honest, he’s also really good looking.

Also, he even makes smoking look like the right thing to do.

He carries the show.  He does things (like cheat on his wife) but you can’t help but like him for it.  I love flawed characters.  They’re much more interesting.  He’s also very mysterious which adds to his appeal.

I like to think of the show as it would apply to our agency.  Each person on the show I equate to someone in my office.  Granted, I don’t think there is really a strong correlation besides we work in the same industry, but that’s just a minor detail.

I decide I want to be Joan, the red head.  I like her mainly because she takes charge in the office, but she’s very womanly.  And he clothes are hot.

Anyway… Moral of the story.  Mad Men is a very good show and I can’t wait till Sunday to see what happens.  Does Don Draper stay in LA?  What happens to his family?