10 Year Plan

My senior year of high school in AP English we had to write where we saw ourselves in 10 years. This was probably one of the easiest papers I have written in my entire life. I have a had a career path in mind starting in 7th grade Careers class. I knew where I wanted to go to college and what I was going to study and what I would do. I had plans.

10 year plan (this is the abridged edition):

I’ll be living in a big city, something like New York or Chicago. I’ll be an executive at a PR firm. I’ll have a large loft apartment with hard wood floors and exposed brick walls. I’ll have a closet full of designer clothes and a Fendi bags. I will live with my adorable Old English Sheep Dog. I will be fabulous in ten years.

Fast forward 7 years.
I’m a mid level employee who works in a cubicle in Indianapolis.  I work in advertising so that part is close to the goal.  I do have hard wood floors and exposed brick! I do not, sadly, have designer clothes or Fendi bags or an Old English Sheepdog puppy. I’m afraid that the sum of these parts makes me slightly less than fabulous.  Not bad, but not fabulous like I anticipated.

I have 3 years to really start rolling.

I think the time I wrote this I was into watching Sex and The City. I was going to be one of them. Traipsing around drinking Cosmos and ruling the world. I think almost every girl my age has had the same fantasy…well except for the people in my high school English class. I definitely got some stares when I presented this to the class.

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