Bess in Fractions

Yesterday, when I posted my Gilmore Girl snow clip, mom noticed that I have absorbed Lorelei Gilmore into my person and I realized that it is so (SCORE!).  I also  realized that much of myself is made up of the girls I watch on screen.   See chart below. I am 1 part Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame.


I have actually read all the Anne of Green Gables book, but she is so wonderfully depicted in the movie (or miniseries?  tv series?).  I think she has to do with my flair for the dramatic.  I too would request of my new adopted family that they make me a dress for school with puff sleeves because puff sleeves are romantic.   That girl has spunk and she’s really smart which is pretty awesome for a Victorian English Canadian!

I am one part Lorelei Gilmore.  I am Lorelei mainly because that is a goal I strive for everyday.


Lorelei is so cool and pretty and hip.  I love that she knows her cultural references.  You need a pop culture dictionary just to hang around her.  Those who hang around me know that I relate most things in real life back to things I’ve seen in pop culture (such as snow I immediately equate to Gilmore Girls).  Lorelei is also a strong female who set her sights on doing something and she does it.  She uses her loquaciousness to get what she wants.  I do that too (it works very well on mom).

I am two parts Liz Lemon.


I picked this picture because it is Liz Lemon, not Tina Fey. Tina goes to fancy award shows and has her own American Express commercial.  Liz Lemon wears a Dark Sensations tshirt.  Liz Lemon has lettuce in her hair and wears socks to the beach.  Liz drinks wine and walks SLOWLY on her treadmill.  I unfortunately reflect that part of her.  I wish I could say I’m like Liz because I’ve worked my way to the top of a male dominated industry, or that I’ve committed myself fully to my job, or even that I live in New York.

Nope – I’m just Dark Sensations Liz.

I am one half part Superbad boys.


Mainly because I am a little bit of a high school boy.  I love Mountain Dew and Taco Bell.  I think video games are awesome and more specifically I love Superbad and Pineapple Express.  I blame my high school guy friends for this.  They turned me into that type of girl.

I wish I had photoshop. If I did, this image would be much cooler. Instead I doctored it in paint so it looks pretty jank. But I’ll choose to think of it as ironic.